Castello, part 1

I found a lot to like during a walk in Castello this afternoon. The sun was out, so there was an appearance of warmth. But, the presence of ice belied that assumption!

First of all, a really cool cat, the lion on the Garibaldi monument, which is in the park just off Via Garibaldi. The pond around the monument was frozen, I wondered how the resident turtles were doing.

There were icicles hanging below some of the bridges in Castello.

And, the tide waas very low, again.

I found the remains of another bellpull.

Ring my chimes!

This street shrine was tucked into a hidden calle.

Isn’t this a lovely Madonna?

I thought this was another Madonna, but the very faded inscription seemed to indicate some type of  institution for le  madre e i bambini. (Mothers and babies.) Does anyone out there know anything about this?

Mind your head. Extremely low sotoportego ahead.

 I’ve been neglecting my pissotta duties lately. Sorry!



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24 responses to “Castello, part 1

  1. Melissa

    Correction: “I’d rather be cold THAN hot anyday” !!!!


  2. Melissa

    Oh how I’d love to be lying in that ice right about now! VERY hot and VERY humid here and the rain doesn’t cool anything down, just makes it even more humid!!

    I’d rather be cold then hot anyday! Enjoy while you can, although I think most of this oppressive weather will be, for the most part, over by the time you return.


  3. incredible, I’ve never seen Venice like that, nor those low-tides,


  4. Thank you for that information, Irina. It’s such a lovely shrine.

    How are you, and the Gat?? 🙂


    • irina

      We are all well here thank you, gats and guts 😉 I really want to leave out things to do, take the train and go to Venice today.
      … I’m going to do it.Ciaoooooo


  5. irina

    Under the “lovely Madonna” there is a tiny Saint Anthony of Padua, the Patron Saint of Padua, typically portrayed holding the child Jesus.


  6. I wondered about the Turtles, the last time we were there there was’nt any,


  7. Michelle

    I love the way some of the lions look so friendly…almost as if they are smiling. Opps, probably thinking we look like a good meal…that would be the reason for the smiles.
    Yes, that does indeed look like a glider has been bricked into the wall.


  8. Susie L

    Oops, silly me. The post is about your wanderings in Castello not San Polo!

    I am still recovering from watching the Super Bowl last night…


  9. Susie L

    The twin pissote look like they are in the Calle heading toward the San Toma vaporetto stop. Is that the location?

    Amazing photos of the icicles. I hope you are treading carefully!


    • No, you’re not silly at all, Susie. That’s exactly were the pissotte are. I went back to castello today, and the icicles were even better.

      I’ll bet lots of people are recovering from that football game, and not many of them are the players!


  10. Bert

    One more thing – the last time I looked, there was a sign by the pool around the Garibaldi statue asking people not to abandon their pet turtles there. The pool had been cleared of turtles (or terrapins).


  11. Bert

    Glad to be of some help, Yvonne. The bust over 993 Via Garibaldi has beneath it the word ‘Maternità’ and the letters ‘ONMI’ which stand for Opera Nazionale Maternità [e] Infanzia. It stands next to Istituzioni di Ricovero e di Educazione Ospizio Lucia Foscolo founded in 1418.
    Your bell-pulls look even older than the ones I’m trying to find.
    You were right about the tides. Spring tides (nothing to do with the season) give higher than average high tides and lower than average low tides. But, if the lower than average low tide is caused by atmospheric conditions, then the same conditions will also lower the high tide.
    Today’s pissotta looks as though a small glider got bricked into the wall.


  12. The lion is amaixing and the double pissotta made me laugh.


  13. Al

    You have caught the ice falling away from the lion so well…looks as if he is clinging on with front paws to stop him sliding! You’d want to be careful that those icicles don’t fall on your head. Ouch! Stay warm


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