More bull, and other stuff

I walked over to the Dogana to get a closer look at the anatomically correct bull. I wanted to see what he was made of, how big he was, etc.

So, I can tell you he is made of thin branches, very like we use in Australia to construct fences. His tail looked like hessian, wrapped around some type of filling. He’s on a floating platform, and popular opinion has it that he’ll be burned on the water, on that platform. That will give the Vigili del fuoco (firemen) something interesting to do! I wonder if it will be combined with the silent procession of gondolas that takes place that last night? Oh, and he’s pretty darn big.

Although it’s warmer today, there were still signs of the big deep-freeze. There were pieces of ice floating in some canals, and icicles hanging from the underside of the prows of gondolas that were not in use.

The tide was very low this afternoon, with the result that boats that should have been floating on water, were sitting in mud.

Here is the fountain of wine flowing in the Piazzetta. You have to pay for your wine today, happy hour has come and gone!

And, here are two jugs of wine being carried to the serving counter. That wine will be cold today!

Some people were in the swing of Carnevale today. It’s going to be interesting to see the costumes as the official opening draws near. I’m beginning to understand the attraction of being in disguise.




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23 responses to “More bull, and other stuff

  1. Jan, that didn’t work, because I got the automatic response from your IP, that you’re away. So, my email is (I’ll delete that as soon as I hear from you!)


  2. > Jan, I’ve sent an email to you, and I’ll delete your address from the blog comment, to deter any “spammers”. (Is there such a word????)

    How romantic you and your husband must be! Ciao for now.


  3. Jan pag

    …..sorry, today is Wednesday! I lose all sense of time on holiday. I wish it was Tuesday, more time to roam the calle


  4. Jan pag

    We walked over to the Dogana to see the bull today (Tuesday) but he has disappeared! Do you know what has happened to him?? Jane


    • I’m mystified, also. I spoke to some Venetians, and most of the responses were “What bull?” I’d say that they have him tucked away until the wind dies down. Or, he’s been blown into the canal, and drowned. Let’s see what happens next, Jan.

      I think it felt warmer today, how about you? How long are you here?


      • Jan pag

        Hi Yvonne, I think it is warmer, all the ice by the taps has melted, but the wind! Sadly we are only here until Saturday but at least we have the whole day here before a 17:30 pickup. I have followed your blog for some time but I am cautious about assuming too much with people – although Karen has said that you are a great networker and centre of contact! We got married here 9 years ago and have been back every year – twice last year. I don’t blog but I am in awe if those that do. It looks like you have enjoyed your time here and at least you have some lovely weather to go home to. If you are a collector of postcards email me your address and I will send one from Cardiff:


  5. laughing my you know what off !!! LOL, i can like real accurate news Yvonne, keep it rolling !!!

    stay warm !!!!!!!!!!


  6. Carnevale, I so one day would like to see this, just magic !!! how exciting !

    anatomically correct? LOLLLLLLL yvonne !


  7. Hi Yvonne, you know I could write that as comment to all of your posts. But all these small observations are so lovely! It makes me want to head out quickly again. Arved


    • Thank you, Arved. I’m hoping you are well soon, so we can enjoy your live “captures.” Now, I might like Castello, almost as much as Cannaregio! Fickle, aren’t I?


  8. I sure have seen Marco’s photos, and also take a look at Sig. Nonloso, he has an excellent photo.

    Mary, I’m in two minds about it all, knowing how crowded this city can get, in a flash.


  9. MaryK

    Have you seen Marco’s pics of ice on the laguna here? – It looks amazing – but brrrrrrr cold!

    I’m yet to be convinced about Carnevale……will await your reports on the crowds.


  10. Hope it warms up a bit for Carnivale, mighty cold in some of those costumes


  11. Michelle

    Karen knows the creator of the “bull”….she has pictures of him (and the bull) on her blog. Yes, burning at midnight on the last night.

    I see the temperature when I check the Venice webcams and just shiver. Hope you are staying warm my friend.


  12. I find Carnevale to be fascinating…it must be quite a sight to see all the costumes. I didn’t know that the tides would go so low…full moon helping this along?


    • We should start Carnevale celebrations in our home towns, eh? Come to think of it, the Dante Alighieri Society in Cairns is holding a Carnevale ball soon.

      I don’t know why the water has been so low a number of times this winter. Full moon is on the 9th, but I had the idea that was associated with high tides.


  13. He’s huge!! As for the costumes, they do go all out. Must be a special excitement in the air right now.


  14. Al

    That is one great load of bull! It must take ages and a plethora of people to construct. I would love to see Venice at carnevale. Even in summer I remember seeing shops selling costumes and masks…something extra for the tourists I expect. Hmmm…that low water wouldn’t be any good if you were late for work!


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