Where do I start?

Well, first of all, the daily newspaper showed photos of ICE in the lagoon. I had heard of this happening, but didn’t know I’d be part of the experience.

Then, on the train to Treviso, with my friend, J. from England, we saw the ice in the lagoon with our very own eyes. Incredible! Yes, that’s really ice out there, and it was still present when we returned to Venice in the afternoon.

To contribute my totally cool report, J. noticed that a water wheel in Treviso was coated with thick ice.

It was having a truly difficult time making its revolutions.

As we walked back to the train station, these young lads, who were out having a heck of a good time ice-skating, called out for me to take their photo. “Reluctantly”, I obliged!

This fellow was trying  a difficult manoeuver, which didn’t quite work out.

The weather vanes were showing the direction of the wind, from the NE. (Not from Canada, after all!)

Back in Venice,  a market has sprung up in Campo Manin. Today, the customers for the food and beverages were very few. Maybe once it warms up a degree or 5, we’ll be more enthusiastic about stopping.

While we were waiting for the vaporetto, J noticed something strange on the Dogana. (I think I’ll have to hire her as my assistant observer.)

Now, is this not a whole lot of bull? Apparently, he will be the symbol of the Carnevale, and will be “sacrificed” on the last day (21 February). Darn and blast, I’ll miss that! Meantime, he gives the lad and his frog a run for his money.

 I did (bravely) venture out to watch the Brindisi, with its promised happy hour of freely flowing wine. But, I could not get anywhere near the action. If this is a foretaste of the crowds at Carnevale, I blanch in anticipation! I came home for my own happy hour.


 And, finally, thank you to Cee for yet another beautiful card, and a welcome knitting pattern for a hot-water bottle cover! I liked your suggestion of modifying it so the bottle and cover could hide under my jacket. 

Ciao from your really cool reporter.



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24 responses to “Where do I start?

  1. Julie was the perfect companion for me, she can come again!


  2. now that is a whole lot of bull 🙂 fantastic photos Yvonne !
    that julie does have a keen eye doesn’t she ?


  3. Katina

    This is amazing Yvonne, so many unforgettable experiences! There has been a cold snap in Europe and even snowed in Lesvos. They also have a festival there where they sacrifice a bull.

    Brrrrrr…. Rug up, say hello to Julie, enjoy every second! Ohhh love the hot water bottle cover! Ciao Bella xxxx


    • Hi, Kat! Julie will be leaving this morning, her visit was all too short. She’s great company.

      I’m glad i’ve kept this daily record of my visit, or I’d forget some of the fun I’ve had, people I’ve met and wonders I’ve seen! Ciao, bella. xxxxx


  4. Who knew it could get that cold in Venice? I hope you have some mittens with you. Reluctant to take the skaters’ picture? Ha!


  5. Susie L

    Amazing photos of the ice! It is hard to believe that just a month ago we were sitting outside at Campo S. Stefano drinking spritzes. Stay warm my friend!


  6. Al

    Must be really amazing to see ice in the lagoon…seems the chill has hit a huge area of Europe. Do you know what they build the bull out of? That would be superb to see burning. Stay warm.


  7. Lynda

    It is just amazing how many treasures your eyes discover in a day! Thank you for being such a faithful, inspirational and informative blogger.


  8. Bert

    That bull is certainly anatomically correct! Treviso is well worth a visit, isn’t it? Yet, for many, it’s just the name of the airport they arrive at and depart from.


  9. MaryK

    Rug up well. It’s sounds way too cold!


  10. Gosh that was an interesting day, the snow has now reached here,


  11. Tell you what, Michelle, I’d rather have this cool weather than the tropical stuff.


  12. Michelle

    Hi to Julie from me too!


  13. Has that ever happened before with all that ice? Incredible….That has to be the cutest hot water bottle cover too!

    Do you suppose they will burn the bull ala “Burning Man” that is done in Nevada? I am enjoying all that you are taking photos of as it is a feast for the eyes.


  14. Pat

    Wow today was a COOL adventure for sure! Say Hi to Julie for me!


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