Doors and Brindisi

Tomorrow, this will no longer look so rough and ready, and will be dispensing wine to all comers. I may be a good reporter and join those throngs. Just for you, dear reader. Cin cin.

And, in typical Venice style, the other double decker pissotta I had been seeking turned up today.



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14 responses to “Doors and Brindisi

  1. Oh, if only, Jeannetta, I would be happy to report every day. It’s my very happy place, that’s for sure. xx


  2. stay in Venice !!! I like u being there as well, even if i get busy slammed in life it’s good to know I can come back here to see what you’ve been up to and I learn about something interesting,


  3. Caroline

    Ooh, Yvonne, have you heard about this? Maybe something will actually be done now!

    Looking forward to reading & seeing your Carnival experiences!


  4. Mormor, I wouldn’t mind making that wish come true.


  5. Mormor

    Yvonne – I wish you could stay in Venice forever!!!!!
    You have no idea how much I enjoy reading your blog. I will miss
    daily Venice Fix……



  6. Like the idea of the Wine fountain,


  7. Michelle

    Ah, lovely doors!


  8. Bert

    Learning new stuff every day with you, Yvonne!
    You found your double-decker with little time to spare.
    Does the wine dispenser have spouts for red and white wine?


  9. I am enjoying your photos so very much of Venice. Still living in the moments my daughter and I had in this jewel of a city.


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