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18 responses to “Graffiti

  1. You’re so right, Jeannetta, it’s truly criminal to see graffiti on material that is hundreds of years old. 😦


  2. how can they do that, graffiti up something like that? on living breathing history , that *ees me off big time


  3. Bert

    Art some of it may be, but would you want any of it done on your front wall, without being asked?


  4. Pat

    I always wondered about the elaborate ones and how long it takes them to do it and NO ONE catches them????????? But these are simply beautiful!


  5. Really lovely Yvonne, true works of art,


  6. It’s interesting for me, but I found so much of the graffiti with a “love” theme, that I was actually enamoured by the graffiti itself. Yes, a lot of it is political, and it certainly is a blight, but I have a collection of “love” graffiti photos from Venezia that I just adore. I’m a romantic… I can’t help it… I’m suckered by that and the locks on the bridges… Ah, to be in love…. It’s such a wonderful thing… While it lasts! πŸ˜‰


    • And, like love, the graffiti might not last, if the concerned groups have anything to say about it! It wold be wonderful to see the walls, bridges, pozzi and even pissotte, free of ugly scribbles.


  7. Rob C

    And no graffiti in sight


  8. Rob C

    Better than that }#%^* on the back of the Rialto, that’s a disgrace .

    PS , I hope you get this, I’m posting from bright but sunny New York! (woohoo πŸ™‚ ).



    • Rob, a couple of groups here have been actively compiling photos of the *%@_+^# graffiti, and have now met with the city architect. I think things will start to happen. Yay! And, areas like the Rialto are high on the list.

      Have a wonderful time in sunny NY. πŸ˜‰


  9. Michelle

    Maybe the beautiful city is an inspiration.


  10. Joanne Hoefer

    Much better than the horrors you see in Rome


  11. Graffiti IS art — certainly in this instance.


    • I was at the Palace museum, and saw some of the original columns and capitals, the ones that are along the side and front of the Ducal Palace. There was graffiti from who knows how long ago, on them.


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