Hibernation mode

A cold, windy day, with flurries of snow, soon had me longing for the warmth and comfort of my sofa, a good book and a nap.

This is not snow, but the salt that is spread in locations prone to iciness. Thank you, hard working sanitation folks, for making the streets and bridges safer for us.

And, a wintery evening reflection.

Good night all, hibernation beckons again.



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18 responses to “Hibernation mode

  1. Julie, pack your bedsocks! See you domani. xx


    • julie

      Certainly have ! ! .. all done now off to bed I leave at 5am tomorrow… please let it not be snowing in the morning ( here I mean )

      Domani xx (12pm) xx


  2. Keep warm Yvonne, a little that way here, I always think Snow best seen on Christmas Cards,


  3. MaryK

    We were lucky enough to be in Venice for a gloriously heavy snowfall two years ago (and my slightly over-excited behaviour is still a talking point!) Luckily it wasn’t windy or damp – just lovely big drifts of snow delicately icing the rooftops, gondolas and calles. The Piazza in snow is a sight to behold.
    The acqua alta that arrived later that day wasn’t so welcome with the combination of snow and water making moving around all but impossible.

    So if it’s just cold and wet snow – rug up, pour a big glass of wine and enjoy a good book!

    I’m currently reading ‘A Wanderer in Venice’ which was 1st published in 1914. It’s just lovely and I’ve been wishing I’d been one of those early 20th century visitors – when gondolas were used for regular transport (he gives sage advice on choosing your gondolier), the car parks at Tronchetto didn’t exist, there were antique and other shops in many of the palazzos along the Grand Canal and you could knock on a palazzo door and be invited in for a tour. I am however fairly horrified about the guard at the Basilica who (apparently) for some small change would cheerfully hand you a few mosaic tiles for you to take home……

    Anyway – we’re all jealous, and I really think you’d be better staying (and letting us vicariously enjoy Venice via your blog) than coming home to an election campaign and huge amounts of rain!


  4. Michelle

    Or maybe mulled wine?? Or even hot chocolate.
    Stay warm dear friend.


  5. annie

    Oh you are so lucky! I’ve been to Venice a number of times in the winter but have yet to see any snow. Enjoy your hibernation!


  6. I’m sure the damp cold is unpleasant, but in the second picture the atmosphere is lovely.


  7. Barb

    Glad to hear that you are staying in and taking it easy on a wintery day. A nice glass of wine would probably add to the comfort of the sofa, book and nap!


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