Little things bring great pleasure!

I went to a concert at San Biagio church on Sunday. The featured trio played compositons by Telemann, Corelli and Haendel, on instruments such as an oboe d’amore, flauto dolce, oboe barocco and clavicembalo.

At one point, there was a solo for clavicembalo, and a young father quietly brought his young son closer, so the boy could see  the musician. The child was no more than 3, he never took his eyes off the musician, and his tiny fingers were keeping time with the music. Wow! Is this a musical genius in the making? The little boy clapped very enthusiastically at the end of the performance.

Yesterday, as I crossed the Piazza, a mini-Flash Mob happened! A bunch of young Chinese boys and girls appeared, took off their backpacks, and began to sing some traditional Chinese songs, gradually forming into a choral grouping, to entertain us with more singing and choreography. I found out that they are on their way to sing in Vienna. Another “wow!’ They were about 13-15 years old.

The Correr Museum end of the Piazza is a beehive today, as preparations hit high gear for Carnevale.

Today, I was rewarded with more treasures in San Polo. This sestiere, and Cannaregio, have been my happy hunting grounds, for sure.

After reading on the blog Venice Beyond the Bridge of the find in Cannaregio, of a working manual doorbell/doorpull, I came across a pair in San Polo.

Not only that, but on the walls near this building, there were rusted remnants of the devices used to open doors remotely, before electricity.

Good grief! I almost forgot about another newsworthy event. Today, for a change of pace, I had something different at Tonolo. Chocolate lovers, I did this for you. Herewith Sacher con Panna. It wasn’t bad!

There was a postcard from my home state in the mail today. Thank you, Melissa and Liam for reminding me that there is life after Venice.



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10 responses to “Little things bring great pleasure!

  1. I really like your manual doorbells photos! I’ve never seen them before!!!


    • Buongiorno, Daniela. It’s cold, yes? You have to go to Cannaregio or San Polo, to see the ones still in use, I think. Next time you’re here, if it’s not too cold …..


  2. Al

    WOW! What a busy day…and so many delightful things happening. It seems funny sitting here in Brisbane to see you posting a pc of Brisbane! I have to say that the images look somewhat out of date! LOL


    • I haven’t been to Brisbane for ages, so it all looks new to me, Al. 🙂 I’ll have to get a house sitting job there, and do some prowling.


    • Melissa

      Hey, so glad the postcard eventually got there!

      I’m with you Al…… hard to find a postcard these days, they seem to be a thing of the past! I agree, the photos look old, don’t they! Got this one on January 18 (this year, lol) from the Albany Creek Post Office which is on the Northside of Brisbane. They must have had these in stock for years, I dont think postcards are made much anymore!

      And guess what?? This was the nicest one on offer!

      Anyway, was going to send you a bottle of the “Australia Day” commemorative Vegemite – renamed for the occasion, to “Australia” but that would have been just plain mean!!! LOL


  3. Bert

    How do those remote opening devices work? What’s to stop anyone other that the owner opening the door?
    Those brass handles and name plates look well polished!
    Have you spotted the mirrors people on upper floors use to see who’s at the door? Who needs CCTV?


    • It looks like there were 2 parts to them, Bert. I think that one was for us to ring impatiently “Let us in”. The other was for the person upstairs to tug, to release the door latch.The one in use is just for the former purpose, they release the latch with electricity these days.

      Yes, I’ve seen the “Who’s that knocking at my door” mirrors, but not many of them.


  4. Michelle

    Oh, such delightful little things!


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