A shrine that captured my attention

I had something entirely different planned for today’s post. But, I made the mistake of going for a walk, and I was hooked.

I passed a fairly nondescript calle, and my eye was attracted to  this carved cross, set into a bright background.

Then, I looked down, and this is what I saw. Cheery messages, indeed.

So, we are reminded that we will die, and to think about our end.

Then, I stepped into the calle, and around to other side of what I now knew was a shrine. Here, there  were more mysterious messages for us.

The first shows the dates 1119, 13 October 1307 and 18 March 1314 in Roman numerals.

Then follows the exhortation “Thus passes the glory of the world”. I am getting the feeling this is not an uplifting experience for me!

I have no idea what this is trying to tell us. I know some followers will lap this up, and tell us what it means. (Is there a “sanctus’ in there?)

Nor, this one, which was repeated inside the shrine itself. Photographic access was hindered by a big rubbish bin, hence the strange angle.

Here is the shrine itself. It is very beautiful.

Some closer looks at details.

Who is this?

A descriptive plaque mounted above the entrance to this calle tells us that the shrine was restored in 1830.

I’m truly glad the blog took its own direction today! Now, I’m heading for the Churches in Venice site. I’m sure that the author of that blog will have information about this treasure.

(Later.)  Oh, my, does she ever have some good information. Follow this link to read what she had to say, a few years ago. Sotoportego de la Madonna (Churches in Venice)

For those of you who have politely abstained from mentioning their absence, here is the pissotta of the day, also from the Rialto area.



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17 responses to “A shrine that captured my attention

  1. Did you notice the maps on the ceiling of the sotoportego where this shrine is? I’ve never been able to get decent photos of them (too dark in there) but this whole place is so fascinating. Someone is putting a lot of time into caretaking it. It’s interesting that since I took my pics, someone added that cross on the base of the tabernacle!


    • Oh, Annie, I did not look up! Well, nothing for it but to hike back there. There are also some things written into the concrete at the right hand side of the shrine, I didn’t post that.

      Thank you for the good information you had written about this beautiful, interesting shrine.


  2. Julie, I expect you to spot some new pissotte for me, OK?


  3. Andrew

    I love puzzles like this. The vertical effort uses something called the pigpen cipher which you can find on Wikipedia. Unfortunately the example they give does not help to decode this message. Intriguing.


  4. Michelle

    Ah, the pleasure of wandering where you eyes and your camera take you rather than having a set itinerary. Something you can only do when you are on your own…unless the person with you shares your passion..
    Thank you once again for sharing with us.


  5. You are amazing. I’ve learned so much about venice by just seeing it through your eyes. I must learn to be more observant.


  6. Brian

    Thanks so much for showing us around. Someday I want the personal tour.


  7. Loosely translated: Only God is Holy (jeova=Jehovah=God……Sanctus= holy)


  8. You’re just sitting there in the shade. waiting for me to click on ‘publish’, aren’t you! Honestly, a person could spend a lifetime, and never capture all the amazing details. I’ll just have to come back, I guess.

    There are signs in the Piazza, that a Carnevale is just around the corner. Where did I put that mask?


  9. You truly have an artist’s eye as you run around Venice with your camera. I’m sure you see much more than most visitors!!


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