Near Rialto market – part 1

This morning, I spent several hours exploring an area near Rialto market, perhaps 3 blocks  square. (If you can call the convoluted calle blocks.) I was rewarded with a feast of small details I would have missed, if I hadn’t been taking my own sweet time.

Here are just a few the things that caught my eye, including a resident pisotta. You could probably cover roughly the same territory, and show me more treasures.

Old door

Another little boat

I'm a Rialto pissotta

And, another nice surprise when I came home, this card from Sheila and Randallo, from snowy Wyoming. Thanks!! (It doesn’t look like this right now, apparently.)




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22 responses to “Near Rialto market – part 1

  1. Some of it is, Caroline, but the bulk is just ugly scrawls and tags. How can they deface this historic city so thoughtlessly? (Or, any place, for that matter.)


  2. Caroline

    Even the grafitti is so much more artistic in Venice, isn’t it ? 🙂


  3. Love the gondola. The detail is great! Thanks for all the fantastic pictures. I will certainly have to return next year.


  4. Bert

    Somebody in the shop at the corner where you took the first two photos told me the fruits were pomegranates, and that they were a ‘good luck’ symbol.
    On the other hand, the horseshoe needs to be the other way up to retain the good luck. The way it is, all the good luck has poured out.


    • I’ll have more to say about those 2 photos in the next post, Bert. They look like peaches to me. I have heard that it’s good luck to have the horseshoes that way, so the good luck falls on you. So, a bob each way, it seems.


  5. julie

    I love that gondola pic too … There is a traghetto at my hotel the Foscari over to the fishmarket, we’ll have to try it !

    I thought you would clean those pissotte before I arrive !! 🙂

    8 sleeps and counting !


  6. People who have lived here all their lives probably haven’t seen it all either, Michelle.


  7. Michelle

    I think we could wander for years in our beloved Venezia and continue to see things that have been there all along but we never saw before.


  8. Pissota- where are the squattottas? Love the photo of Jackson Hole! Spent a good bit of time there in my youth! Have tickets for Venice in May- third visit! Loving your Photos!!!


  9. I like the gondola picture – oh, and the pissotta looks like it needs a cleaning.


  10. Oh, Randallo, find me another enchantress like this, closer to sunny downtown Atherton, and you’ll be my hero for life!


  11. “Chance favors the prepared mind” a bunch of brainiacs have said over the years. Taking the time to wander purposefully yet open to serendipity (“flaneur”-ing?) rewards us all with wonderful detail and insights. Thank you!


  12. Ooooh the little gondola is so lovely!
    I love walks like that, there’s always so much to see around us 😉


  13. chirsty

    …..great pictures, Yvonne. The area will be our next neighborhood. 🙂


  14. What a fun treasure hunt!
    You are so right…someone else could find a whole set of other tidbits….in fact, sometimes when I go out I find so many other little things that I missed the first 20 times!
    Cheers to you dear!!


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