Tramonto (sunset) in Venice

I happened to be walking in the right direction, at the right time, to see the farewell to the day, last evening.

It gives me a small degree of sadness (but absolutely no guilt) to say it’s highly unlikely I’ll capture a sunrise for you.

Today’s pissotta is complete with its own gentleman!




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25 responses to “Tramonto (sunset) in Venice

  1. irina

    The true poet is one who passes with nonchalance and the same inspiration from sunsets to pissottas.


  2. Marvelous sunsets, and you managed to capture all the delicacy of tone they have in real life!


    • Hi, Steven. The credit goes to my camera. I didn’t touch the photos at all. Hasn’t the weather been wonderful? How is the family?

      3 February is San Biagio day, there should be something happening in the church by the Naval museum.


  3. Bert

    OK, I’ll behave. 🙂


  4. Bert

    Was that tie made of silk, and was it made in Venice? 😀
    I need to have a good tie. Can you show me a good tie, Yvonne? 😀 😀
    I sometimes make mistakes too – nobody’s prefect!


  5. What a beautiful sunset. It is great to see a sky that isn’t gray and overcast.


    • The weather has been so kind this winter, and there have been many spectacular sunsets. (You already know I can’t comment on the sunrises, they’re probably really ugly!)


  6. Being an evening kind of girl, I see more sunsets than sunrises. And yours is a beauty, Yvonne. What a blissful time you’ve had ~ for selfish reasons, I’ll be glad to have you back on Australian soil but I wish you could stay even longer. Safe travels, bella. x0


    • Oh, crumbs, 3 weeks from today, I’ll be heading to the airport. But, what a splendid tie I’ve had here.

      I had a message from someone who lives in Brisbane, and I hear you’ve had torrential rainfall. Mamma mia. Ciao, bella. xo


  7. Michelle

    I’ll take care of the sunrises for you in November/December. It’s more real…my supervisor approved my time off…she told me to put it in now so that she could approve it before other people put in for time off at that time because I won’t be back to work till after Christmas! So at least I have the vacation time.
    And it was a cute little guy.


  8. Pat

    Have you made a booklet of all the pissottas?


  9. The little guy is cute, it’s all in the small things of life, isn’t it!
    The sunset is beautiful, especially with the lamps captured as well! Love it!


  10. Barb

    Difficult to say which I enjoyed most…the gorgeous sunset with wonderful Venice lamps or………..the funny little guy located in a very precarious spot!


  11. Beautiful and don’t worry, sunrises are over rated. Love the little man.


  12. Beautiful Yvonne (the Sunsets)


  13. HAHAHA………the little man with the pissota
    The sunsets are beautiful


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