This first feline is a pet, part of a family.

I loved her eyes!

These cats are part of at least a dozen who wander in the cloisters of the public hospital. They look well fed, but are very wary of strangers.

This morning, I had coffee and “fresh from the oven” fruit cake, at the home of a woman who gives rowing lessons here in Venice. She is originally from Australia, but is married to a Venetian, and has lived here for over 20 years. From their apartment terrace, they can see at least 10 churches and/or campanile, including San Marco.

During the course of the morning, we got talking about bread making, and I gave her a demonstration of the joys of kneading bread dough. I hope it turned out to be good bread!




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26 responses to “Cats

  1. Caroline, there are places that are clearly off limits, due to the renovations taking place. And, you are not allowed to take photos within the Scuola ( as I understand it). But, there were others walking through the cloisters, and various corridors in this eccentric hospital.

    They are doing renovations on the railway station, so you’ll be able to report on what’s new when that is done.

    How is the Venice Project progressing?


    • Caroline

      Thanks very much for that, Yvonne – very useful to know.

      We are now into the 3rd week of our 4 week intensive TEFL course, and I’m finding it rather more intensive than I’d imagined – just finished tonight’s homework & saw your response when I went to email it to myself to pick up at the school in the morning 😦

      Still, as long as I keep the heid (as they say in Scotland), hopefully I can survive the rest & it will all be worth it. I’ve only once fantasised about asking for my old job back 🙂 And DH loves it! I think he is an actor manque (mancato I suppose, in Italian?).



  2. Caroline

    I love the cats too ! You can just wander round the hospital cloisters, can you – and elsewhere within its precincts? We’ve bever attempted anything more than peeking into the initial main entrance hall as we weren’t sure if we were allowed, so I’d be very pleased to have any advice..

    Personally I think the Venice railway station is beautiful too – say what you like about the fascists (joke!), but IMO they built great buildings 🙂 It’s certainly much lovelier than any railway station in Britain!


  3. Annie, we either have to find a white coat, or bear gifts of food, I think. It was so nice to find so many of them in that safe palce.

    The Medical Library … closed while renovations take place. Will I live long enough to see it?


  4. So many beautiful cats! When I visited the hospital cats, a woman came to feed them. She was wearing a white coat like other hospital employees; the cats were much friendlier with her than they were with me!


  5. Sono di Chicago

    “Tagged as: Cats, making bread”

    Where are the photos of that?????

    That tag seems very misleading. I am so disappointed!


  6. Bert

    The thing is, that when you walk out of the station, that ‘brutalist façade’ is behind you! And now San Simone Piccolo is out from under wraps, what a sight is in front of you!
    I read a beautiful description of that first sight from the station steps on TripAdvisor a long time ago that brought a tear to my eye and a lump to my throat. I wish I’d kept it.


  7. Rob, that train station is such a disaster, and more so with whatever renovations they’re doing. I wish they would put scaffolding in front of THAT facade!


  8. The cats are few and far between, especially with the cool weather. And, they don’t get hauled out on a leash like some of the poor shivering dogs!

    That last one had such pretty markings.


  9. Michelle

    Oh, it has been way too long since I’ve made bread. The last time I did it the lazy way…with a mixer with “dough hooks”.
    Of course I adore the cat pictures. I’m collecting Venetian cat pictures to do a calendar for myself. I was hoping to get a few shots when I come for my visit later this year. Particularly love that last one..
    Lili says grazie for watching out for the cats.


  10. New to your blog….I have fallen in love with Venice after my daughter and I visited in September of this past year. I already loved Italy but Venice…ahhh be still my heart.

    Kitties…I saw a few and poochies too.


    • Buon giorno, Ellen. I’m happy to hear we have another Venice tragic in our midst. What is it this city has, that captures so many of us? I love walking past visitors when they get their first glimpse of Venice from the train station steps. Some are immediately in the web, and they’ll never escape!


      • Rob C

        That first view as you walk out of the,frankly brutalist, station facade and down the steps, blinking in the bright sun, to see that, it’s true everything is on the water, look there’s a bus, and a delivery boat, and a police boat etc…. It’s difficult to sum it up in words.

        I know that once I get off the No 5 bus in PR, fight the crowd(!) and walk down to the foot of ‘that’ bridge, I’m home. I can feel all the worries of 21st century London drop away as I become, for a short time anyway, an honorary Venetian.



  11. Bread making is very therapeutic! The kneading of the dough, and feeling when it has had enough, and can rest for awhile. Then, that wonderful aroma filling the kitchen, as it bakes. But, the most fun is the family fight over who gets the crust! 🙂


  12. Barb

    What wonderful cat photos! Just a few more and they would make an excellent “Cats of Venice” calendar. And to add to all your many other talents, you make bread, too!! Please know you are invited to my kitchen anytime you want. I’ll have all the ingredients ready. 😉


  13. Thank you, Joanne. The comments I receive brighten my day!


  14. Joanne Hoefer

    your photos always brighten my day


  15. Pat

    I love the cats!!! So beautiful each in their own special way.


  16. No, I only kneaded it, a subtle difference! She has a warming/drying cupboard, so that’s where the dough went to rise.


  17. Of course the bread turned out!! You made it.


  18. Yvonne….are you taking rowing lessons??
    You are really getting around….meeting people…exploring. It’s amazing how much more we can accomplish if we travel solo.
    I know when I go alone there seem to be so many more connections made!

    You certainly are getting the most outta every day…..WONDERFUL and thanx for sharing!!


    • Well, Linda, I did try last time I was here, but it was too windy one day, and there was another hitch the next time. I decided that those were signs not to do it! The tiny bit I did revealed that it is more difficult than it looks. J. is a very good rower, she has many red (first place) banners.

      Oh, yes, solo travel is terrific, but of course, not for everyone.


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