Inner secrets revealed

We’ve spent a little time admiring some of the chimneys of Venice, such as this one.

On Saturday, after having the obligatory frittella (Venexiana this time), I happened to look up at just the right time as I crossed the bridge in front of Chiesa San Pantalon, and noticed a crumbling chimney. It showed a little bit of the inner construction. (The things I do for you good and faithful readers. Happily, I hasten to add.)




 How about that?

 No frittella today 😦  as I went to see a showing of paintings in Vicenza.  And, Tonolo is closed tomorrow. It’s going to be an ugly scene in the Piscina di Frezzeria.

Yay! I finally stumbled across my favourite pissotte again. (Bert, they’re near # 4439 in Castello. I may as well tell you, because I know you’d only nag at me!)




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32 responses to “Inner secrets revealed

  1. John

    Ame I wrong in assuming that there is a pissotte running the length of the Calle Orio la Chiesa near La Fenice?


    • John, I’ll have a closer look as I walk by. I had assumed it was just part of the wall of the church (San Fantin). Another place I’d better look at more closely is in San Polo, as you walk from the Campo San Toma toward the San Toma vaporetto stop. I think I’ve been drifting past some pissotte there.


  2. Megan Drennan

    Hi Yvonne, just discovered your delicious blog and must ask – is a pissotte what I think it is?


    • Megan, it depends what you’re thinking. They were meant to deter the fellows from answering the call of nature in dark corners. Now, the dogs do use them!


    • Megan Drennan

      Thanks Yvonne, that was along the lines of what I was thinking! but as a dog owner can’t object to that either. Love the photos they brighten my dull scottish day.


  3. Bert, you’re using the Royal “we”, I think? 🙂


  4. Bert

    We must call them Le Pissotte delle Tette.
    (Especially the first one.)


  5. Yvonne…that is such a sweet offer!
    I just love your posts….and all the photos… have enough requests!!

    cheers dear!!

    Yvonne are you planning on returning next year……??


  6. Linda, you are most welcome! Are there any other architectural features you’d like me to capture for you?

    I do admire your artisitic ability, and imagination.


  7. Yvonne…here are some of the latest sketches….thanx for the inspiration!

    You’re blog is terrific….thanks for all your hard work!!


  8. Julie, we can even walk to Tonolo from the Piazzale, if you want! That would then give us an energy boost for the rest of the walk. OR, we can dump your suitcase at home, and go back. Decisions, decisions.


  9. julie

    Gosh they do look precarious ! good job no winds like here in the UK over the weekend (up north anyway)

    Yvonne I’m so looking forward to those frittelle, don’t eat them all!!! wait till I get there 🙂


  10. Rob C

    Vicenza, another lovely town, actually there are a few nearby(ish), with Padova,Treviso (the town, not the airport) & Bassano del Grappa only an hour or so by train.


  11. If it starts to get windy, I’ll be torn between staying away, and being there to capture the fall, Darlene.(On the camera, I mean, not in my arms.)


  12. Be careful! Those bricks could fall any minute.


  13. Al

    That first pic looks as if those blocks are the only thing holding it up…one gust of wind and….!


  14. MaryK

    Frittelle withdrawals……. remember that you are eating them (bravely) for all of us!


  15. Yvonne….thanx for all your research!
    I’ve been faithfully sketching away….finished some chimneys last night!!


  16. Pat

    Isn’t anyone afraid that it’s going to come crumbling down on top of them?


    • It’s way up high, over roof tops, no one is in danger. (Anyhow, health and Safety regulations here are elastic, it seems.) It looks pretty firm in its dilapidation, in fact.


  17. I am very happy with my camera! It’s a Panasonic Lumix FZ40. I just leave it on automatic settings, and it seems to cope with most stuff. I use Picasa for any editing I do.

    (No frittelle tomorrow, sob.)


  18. Michelle

    Hope there;s no fire in that fireplace anytime soon. Oh, wait…they don’t use those fireplaces anymore…at least I’ve never seen smoke coming out of one of the chimneys….and I’ve been there in some pretty chilly weather.
    Great zoom on that camera. You’ll have to remind me what kind you are using.


  19. I sort of gracefully fell down, landed on the extra fat I’m carrying, thanks to the frittelle.

    Now, about that contract …


  20. Andrew

    Have you been able to climb down from the roof yet? Thanks for finding that. Isn’t it amazing!


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