In February, 1980, my husband, son and I stood on a bridge, and this photo was taken.

Venice 1980

 Earlier this week, I stood on the bridge again, and took some photos.

This is not the Bridge of Sighs, but I’m willing to bet someone will pinpoint its location.

Today, the fog has dissipated, the sun is shining, as this young couple build a bridge to their future together.

Honey, it's your turn to take out the rubbish.

I don’t know how to build a verbal bridge to this:




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24 responses to “Bridges

  1. Bert

    “Passing Clouds” was the name of a brand of cigarettes, probably no longer made. They were unusual in that they were oval, not round. That would make a big difference to the flavour, I would imagine.


  2. Bert

    Another clue: It’s at the fag-end of town.
    [Not in the American sense.]


    • Bert, I reckon not too many visitors would go down that way! It’s at the end of the Rio della Burchielle, and the building on the left of the photo is the old Fabbrica Tabacchi, (tobacco factory)where the aforementioned fags were made.


  3. Bert

    Here’s a clue: You might have seen passing clouds there once upon a time.
    The stemma on the pissotta is that of the Malipiero family. I wonder if this was a good idea. If a chap didn’t like the family, …


  4. Al

    I can’t help you with the name of the bridge, but I do love the ‘re-visit’ to the same place and am relieved that it hasn’t changed…..sometimes no change is GOOD!


  5. jil mohr

    but noone left the name of the bridge or where it is 🙂 and no I do not know the answer although I have seen it many/been there many times….


    • Well, if no one has located it, I’ll have to let people know, I guess. But, not yet.

      It’s a bit like the Bridge of Sighs, in that it connects 2 buildings on opposite sides of a canal.


  6. julie

    Lovely photos Yvonne … I can’t imagine horses in Venice :-/ Imagine getting through those calle

    Don’t worry about sugar lol xxx


  7. Michelle

    For most of us if we returned to the street where we grew up we wouldn’t recognize it….unless we grew up in Venice!


  8. I love the old photo, although 1980 isn’t really all that long ago, or is it?


  9. Linda, what did they do with all that manure! I guess the “fields” had the benefit of lots of free fertiliser. 🙂

    Today, I happened to spot a chimney that was partly fallen apart, so I’ll soon post that. It reveals a little of the internal structure.


  10. Yvonne…..Can you image the days when horses were allowed in Venice? Geeze I wonder how many people were plowed down…lol.
    It is such a fabulous place….holds so many memories….layers of history to unfold…..she’s a charmer!!!


  11. We’re so lucky to walk the ancient streets, not only in Venice, and know the basic appearance hasn’t altered all that much. Venice has the benefit of not having to make allowances for motorised traffic on its streets.


  12. Caroline

    I agree. I was very struck by a phrase on a TV programme here about Florence a few months ago (I forget who it was); looking out over the famous view – “It has looked this way for 500 years, and it will look this way for ever.”


  13. Gotta love the bridges in Venice. Love the photos. And yes, it doesn’t change much over the years I guess. I think that’s what we all like about it too. I think my first visit to Venice was around the same years. Would have to look it up when it actually was (sounds sooo long ago 😉


  14. All those Years really hasn’t changed, a lovely thing a bout Venice it does’t Think it was ’82 my first visit, not missed manya Year since,


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