San Sebastiano

Today, at the Basilica San Marco, there was a special service to mark San Sebastiano day. He is the patron Saint of Municipal Police (and Firefighters and Gays). The service today was attended by members of the Polizia Municipale of Venezia, and their families.

There was very little rigid pomp and ceremony as the guest arrived, but lots of friendly banter and smiles. (Like many females, I was impressed by the uniforms! I’m so shallow.)

Some relaxed rigid discipline

And, from the back 

And from the back
Guarding the entry to the Basilica
Some close-ups of uniform parts.
Buon giorno. Pleased to see you.
Sorry. are we late?
 Tomorrow is the feast day of S. Agnese. I must see who she guards.
Maybe it’s this:


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9 responses to “San Sebastiano

  1. Just wait until my second finishes with the coiffure, Bert.


  2. Bert

    I thought it was wrong to discriminate?
    In Italy, the police have uniforms designed by Giorgio Armani. The uniforms of Carabinieri, who act like police, but are really army, are from Valentino.
    Handbags at dawn!


  3. There, I’ve caught the interest of the discriminating women!


  4. St. Agnese is the guard of gardeners, virgins, fiancées and generally of chastity.
    There’s always a choice 😉


  5. Uniforms are always impressive!


  6. Michelle

    When I was there in November 2008, forget which day exactly, there was something with the police and the military. Oh, those uniforms! Some of them are designed by Armani.


  7. I wonder when the Carabiniere have their special day? 🙂


  8. I quite agree Yvonne, the Uniforms are smart and they know how to wear them,


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