The many faces of Carlo Goldoni

Carlo Osvaldo Goldoni was born in Venice in 1707, and died in Paris in 1793.  He is known as  an Italian writer and playwright. (Isn’t that an interesting word?)

He is considered one of the fathers of modern comedy, and is loved for his works in the Venetian dialect.

I admire this quote attributed to him:

“The world is a beautiful book, but of little use to him who cannot read it”.

The Goldoni Theatre is on Via Goldoni, in the San Marco sestiere.

There is a statue of him in Campo San Bartolomeo. The sculptor has given him a warm, happy face. He looks like a person you’d like to know.

Around the base of the statue are four faces representing various facets of theatre: tragedy, comedy and perhaps romance and drama.

Still on my list of things I might do while in Venice is a visit to Casa Goldoni in San Polo, the palazzo (then known as Ca’ Cenanni) where he was born, and which is now a museum dedicated to him.



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16 responses to “The many faces of Carlo Goldoni

  1. Michelle

    You do indeed do wonderfully cool things. Hard to follow your footsteps. But I’ll try.


  2. You do the coolest things in Venice!


  3. Aren’t they splendid, Randallo! And, every time I look at Carlo, he makes me smile.

    Brr, damp and cool in our city. More layers tomorrow, I think. No snow to shovel, anyhow. Cheers to you and the other half. 🙂


  4. Thanks for showing the fine dramatic icons around the base of the statue. Most people look up at Goldoni and never see them!


  5. Joanne Hoefer

    thanks for yet another lovely set of photos. I owe a bookstore so I am going to be stealing the quote for my next batch of bookmarks


  6. Pat

    My list also includes attending some kind of performance in that theater. Came across it by accident without knowing anything about it one year and took a photo of the outside as I thought it was interesting.


  7. Bert

    Yeah, so why isn’t it ‘playwrite’?
    I wanted my ship to be built right, but I went to a shipwright. I wanted somebody to make a neat copy of my essay, but the copy writer asked me for the copyright, if he got the copy right.
    I went to a Mass last week, but the bells were only rung twice. I complained. I said two bongs don’t make a rite.


  8. Hi, Mary. My fingers and toes are nearly ‘froze’, unlike what I’d be feeling if I were back in the tropics.

    Thanks for that information, I’ve seen the beautiful pozzo and staircase, so maybe I’ll leave it until another time to see the museum. Now, the Naval Museum, I must have spent 4 hours there, over 2 visits.


  9. MaryK

    I finally got to visit Casa Goldoni this last trip – and was somewhat underwhelmed…… some quite interesting information and displays, and It was good to get up close to that magnificent pozzo in the courtyard! But I’d not put it in my ‘worth a detour’ file (unlike Palazzo Grimani that is most firmly on my highlights list).


  10. Andrew

    The masks are lovely Yvonne. In the late 80’s we went to a one-off ballet performance at the Goldoni during Carnevale. No programme or booking- just turn up. It was snippets from various ballets. Cheryl said, ‘ That guy looks like Nureyev.’ It was! The curtains closed and everybody left. We went to the bar for a drink and after 15 minutes a bell rang to call us back to our seats. There were about 30 of us in the whole theatre. Everyone else had assumed it had finished!


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