Sparrows/spoggies/i passeri

This pretty little specimen of bird-dom was perched on some flowers outside the florist shop in Campo Santa Margherita.

These two specimens of bird-dom opportunism were perched on top of the grapes at the fruit and vegetable stall in the same campo. They were really enjoying their tasty mid-morning snack. I didn’t buy any grapes today.

And this specimen was nowhere near the Campo Santa Margherita.



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15 responses to “Sparrows/spoggies/i passeri

  1. Glen

    It’s a pity that the so called practitioners of modern art don’t have your artistic integrity and clarity of concept.


  2. Glen

    Yvonne you obviously have a natural eye for photography. You have captured the microcosm of the Venetian world so succinctly. So good to see pictures that are not the usual sun drenched Cannaletto views.

    Glen Crawford


  3. Wow! Such great photos! You captured the birdies so well. I love little snapshots from daily life like that!


  4. I haven’t been out yet, so i don’t know if it’s still foggy. I guess I could look at the webcam, eh?


  5. Barb

    That photo of the bird amongst the blossoms is so cute. It’s one that could be framed. I heard from Anna that the area was engulfed with fog today and tourists were taking lots of photos. Stay warm!


  6. Hi, B the B. But, there’s not 10 feet of snow, of course. 🙂


  7. Brian

    Flowers blooming in January? What a concept.


  8. I think another layer is in order, Linda, and a good warm hat. Shiver me timbers!


    • christy

      Froze on the vaporetto this morning. It’s also very cold here in Milan. The leafless trees and vines were white between Vicenza and Milan, not sure if it’s snow or frost.

      Missing Venice already. ;-(


      • I’m glad the vaporetti were even running! You sure took the good weather with you!

        Aw, that’s awful, having to leave Venice after your lovely stay here. Take care. xx


  9. Yvonne…thanx so much for giving me my Venetian fix!!
    Stay warm….and enjoy the little winged fellows!!


  10. Ah the birds are so cute….the photos are really beautiful.
    The brick work is really quite good on the pissotta…LOL but then why not. Built by Italians. Best builders in the world.


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