Giudecca revisited

The more I go there, the more I like it. The views from the fondamente on the northern side, toward Venice proper, are so rewarding, and there are many calle and corte just begging to be explored.

This was on the back wall of the primary school playground.

This was on the wall of the primary school

And there was an entire wall of butterflies, apparently done by the school children.

I wish I could live in this small corte, and have such colourful things around me.

I was also looking for the nearly submerged boat I had seen on the previous visit. I am pleased to report it has been rescued and refloated.

Near these tranquil waters, I found the second houseboat moored at Giudecca. Thanks Rob, for the good directions.

Is it occupied? I couldn't tell.

When you come to my blog page, you see a photo of many chimneys . This one has had a fresh coat of paint since I took the original photo. I like the colour.

 Another street shrine, found tucked into one of the calle on the southern side of Giudecca.

So, if you have the time, and especially on a sunny day, Giudecca is worth a few hours of your time. You’ll find some bars on the fondamente for a delicious panino, and there are restaurants, if you want a full meal.



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14 responses to “Giudecca revisited

  1. Pam, thank you for the added information.


  2. Al

    Let’s hope that you find your own corte where you can sit surrounded by colour and peace and enjoyment.


  3. Darlene, brace yourself for a disappointment. I don’t think the owners will part with them. I’m getting ideas for that last blank wall at home, anyhow.


  4. So lovely. I want the piggy bank and the wall plaques.


  5. Andrew

    I read somewhere that the chimneys are that shape to prevent sparks escaping and causing a fire. Someone will probably confirm this or come up with another explanation.


    • Andrew, that’s also my story, and we’re sticking with it, right? 🙂 Oh, and I’ve read that there is some inner construction that cools those pesky embers before they leave the chimney.

      Whatever the truth, most of them are truly beautiful, especially against a clear blue sky.


      • Pam

        Tis true…although the external shape is reflecting a series of channels inside which provide sort of a ‘counter-flow’ (ha…my words) for the smoke and which thus…extinguishes the embers that may be rising from the fire.


  6. Pam

    Dear Yvonne – this is my first POST to you but I’ve been one of your fans…for quite awhile. I’ve had the same thoughts that you share in today’s post re Guidecca since giving myself time last April to really absorb the area – although I’d never EVER trade it for my dear Venice proper to live it will now be always part of my annual visits…which brings me to a point: I am leaving Wednesday to return for this years visit – through February. I would love fare due chiacchierata with you over cafe…any chance!?


  7. Michelle

    Lovely shots, I hope to get over there in November/December.
    You know, some of us ladies of a certain age are up at all hours. What better entertainment than reading our friends blog. I was up at that hour but waited till about six to get on my computer…when I realized that I was not going back to sleep.
    Supposed to snow here today andy the next couple of days….but none of the white stuff yet.


  8. Barb

    A frequent sight in Venice is a tourist walking along with a guide-book in hand…(and I’ve learned how to say “Venice” in other languages just by reading those titles.) In April you will find me out and about with my folder of print-outs from your blog. I think trying to find all the lovely sights you’ve shared with us these past several weeks is going to be a wonderful
    treasure hunt.


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