I have some graffiti to share today. This first batch was outside an osteria.

I had been looking for this one, and up it popped! Typical of Venice, you look and look, then it finds you.

These aren’t really graffiti, but I wanted to share them. First, how do you get rid of an old mattress in Venice?

And, this definitely came in handy when I strayed off my usual path to San Lio.

There was an exciting pile of mail today! Thank you to:

Andrew (UK), Ann, Bert (UK), Margaret (Sydney, Australia) and another from Michelle (Seattle).

Lower right is the Christmas wombat! Thanks, Bert

Is anything missing? Oh, of course … 

This pissotta was up on pedestals.

Up on a pedestal



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12 responses to “Graffiti

  1. Mamma mia, traps for the unwary, unknowing, eh? I’d better ask the landlord for some stickers, and the correct days, hadn’t I? Thank you for the information, Karen.


  2. Karen

    Yvonne- I can tell you how big trash is supposed to be handled here- you are supposed to call the city services and arrange for a pick up. You are not supposed to just leave them out on the streeet. Or you can take them to a recycling center yourself, but hauling large things generally require the use of a boat! If you don’t recycle properly, there is a fine of 167 Euros per offense. And that includes putting glass/plastic out without having a proper sticker on the bag, and also leaving things out on the wrong recycling days.


  3. Came to your blog from Pierre’s. Interesting looking’ graffiti; like the idea of love graffiti.


    • Hi, Kate, and thank you for dropping by! There’s lots and lots of ‘love’ graffiti, but not always on appropriate surfaces, unfortunately. Maybe the city should put up some hoardings specifically for frustrated artists/lovers to use??


  4. Pissote of the world, unite. Take a stand, or a pedestal. 🙂


  5. Bert

    Darlene – only if he were a dwarf or if he knelt down. I’ve heard of people being put on a pedestal, but not … a pissotta.


  6. I know that graffiti can be a blight, but I have a wonderful collection of photos of what I call “love graffiti” — they are expressions of love like only the Venetians can do. I’m even thinking of having one of my favorites tattooed on me 🙂

    Yvonne, I’m doing good! I start my Level 2 Italian class Monday and my Intro to Tourism class Feb 1. So, baby steps, moving me forward. I had to layoff 10 people at my job this week, so I feel more than ever that I need to get out of the Corp world and follow my dreams… Life is too short to spend your days firing people… Not a good way to make a living.j


  7. Michelle

    I agree about the graffiti..but I’ve seen some not so pretty there too. But no pretty ones here.


  8. Why is the graffiti in Venice prettier than anywhere else?
    So, I guy could pee between the pedestals?


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