In which I may be forced to join FA (Frittelle Anonymous)

As you walk along the calle and across the campi of Venice, you may notice numbers or letter incised into the masegni (paving stones). I always wonder when they were done, and why.  Maybe some of them marked the presence of utilities?

This one reminded me of an essay grading!

  Epiphany has come and gone, and Carnevale looms on the horizon.

Now, that’s all well and good, but with the advent of Carnevale comes some little morsels of worldly downfall! They’re plump little deep-fried balls of decadence, stuffed with fruit, or crema or zabaione or … Well, we’re talking seriously delicious dolce. I think maybe 10,000 calories each, roughly, but they taste so darn good. So, all the good done by the walking everyone does is quickly undone by ingesting one (or two) of these temptresses. (I drool as I write.) The best ones (so far) are from Tonolo in Dorsoduro, so I have to walk at least 25 minutes each way, with lots of bridges. Maybe I can convince myself there’s a neutral caloric balance there?

There was a glorious full moon a couple of nights ago, and the best view was right in my neighbourhood.

Someone has gone to the trouble of gluing this mirrored image onto one of the approaches to the Accademia Bridge. Another mystery.

More mirror, fragments this time, which reflected the red coat of the photographer, and was nicely placed beside a fire hydrant.

And still more cards have arrived! Thanks to Kathleen, from Ireland, for the card and chocolate coins (just what I need, as a chaser to the frittelle), and from someone in Los Banos, California. I’m sorry, I couldn’t make out your name … reveal yourself!




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27 responses to “In which I may be forced to join FA (Frittelle Anonymous)

  1. Hi, Maxine. They’re deep fried, which makes it even worse! I’ll look up your Sfingi and see if they sound similar. 🙂

    Odio! They look good, too. The recipe is different, it seems. Here is a photo and recipe of those little sinners.


  2. I am really enjoying all these comments. I don’t think I had a frittelle when I was there in 2008 for Carnavale. So I have to ask. are the Baked or fried? I’m assuming they are fried. They remind me of something my Grandmother used to make. Sfingi di San Giuseppe. They were fried and sprinkled with sugar. She left the cream out.


  3. irina

    Yvonne, you can’t join FA. You couldn’t pass the weight-based entrance test. You have to work a lot on frittelle in order to pass the test.
    Sorry for you, Yvonne.


  4. Bert

    At least you’ll have no problem getting your ‘five a day’! 😉


  5. Andrew

    Mmmm fritelle. Karen has already tormented me on her blog with the thought of these little lumps of Paradise.


  6. Hmm, we’ll leave it at that, but I will listen more intently for the ending, next time. If it’s as you say, maybe I’ve found a way to stay in Venice! 😉


  7. Bert

    He may be referring to you, Yvonne! If HE were talking about HIMself, he would surely say ‘BellissimO’.


  8. Oh, how depressing, Mary. Maybe we’ll have to plant our own little gardens! I have bumped into the formerly grumpy bloke from the barca da verdura a few times. When I ask how he is, he absolutely beams and says “Bellisima”!!!


  9. OK, so now I have to have 2 for Barb and 2 for you, and 2 for me, which takes us into next week. I REALLY liked the zabaione and the fruit, Karen always mentions ricotta cheese filling, so that dererves a try. I don’t think standing up to eat them will do the deal. Sigh. But, hey, I guess that’s why lycra was invented, eh? 🙂 (Soon, I’ll need an emoticon with 2 plump cheeks.)

    I have to chuckle, the rest of my photos do’t even rate a mention, it’s food, food, food folks seem to want.


    • MaryK

      The other photos are wonderful too….. but my excuse for the food focus is that I had my 1st (depressing) trip to the supermarket today – came home ranting a bit about tasteless tomatoes, plastic wrapping, garlic from China etc etc.


  10. MaryK

    Oh Frittelle……. I was sort of hoping that someone would jump the gun and have them before we left, but no luck. And really, isn’t it nicer that everything like this has its own appropriate season rather than being able to buy things at any old time. I was pretty appalled to find hot cross buns in my supermarket already – it’s January for goodness sakes, and easter isn’t for months (apologies for the little rant!)

    Anyway – I could never decide if my favorites were the zabaglione or the ones with little bits of fruit – so I’d have to always have two just to try and decide. I was rather partial to the ones at that tiny little bread shop at Campo San Toma – but I’m sure Tonolos are delicious as everything else there is!

    I’m certain that the light fluffy ones are almost calorie free, as nothing that good could possibly be bad for you, and as Darlene suggests, eating them standing up should most certainly negate any pesky calories.

    So could you have one (or two) for me please.


  11. Your wish is my command, Oh, Master! I should try ‘con crema’ today, but the zabaione was so good, and this time, I’ll know just how to nibble into it so I don’t lose any of the filling onto the serviette..


  12. Barb

    Fritelle! Yum! A wonderful Carnevale memory. Please have one…or two for me, please. And, oh yes…a Spritz makes a good “chaser”. 🙂


  13. Michelle

    Oh, such a delicious blog! I was panicing because my internet would connect and I would miss my daily dose of Yvonne’s blog.
    I forced myself to lift heavy boxes and squeeze myself into a narrow opening by my desk where I was able to conduct the first thing they usually tell me when I call…unplug the modem and plug it back in again. Easier said than done when there are moving boxes in the way. But it was worth it.
    Yum, I can almost taste those little bits of dough…and I’ve never even had one.


  14. I ate A LOT of frittelle last January… and I agree, the best (that I tried…) are at Tonolo. But, I figured, the walk to and from Tonolo would burn the calories!!!


  15. Joanne Hoefer

    Los Banos = Bathroom well actually the baths anyway I also sent you the stack of old cards from old travels from my desk drawer.


  16. Eat those little morsels standing up – no calories in them at all when you’re standing.


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