It is a short vaporetto ride to Giudecca, which hangs like a little hammock below Venice.  Giudecca is part of the Dorsoduro sestiere.

I couldn’t understand how this little boat could be holding its head above water. Its owner is in for a surprise, and some work.

Nearly submerged

Do you think this cat has a wee list to the right? I did admire the neat positioning of the paws.
A little (late, but cute) Nativity scene. They all look so happy.
Row your boat …
Not far from Bepi’s boat, evidence of a home workshop.
The Venetian Lion makes his presence known in many places.
On the vaporetto back to my home stop, I happened to glance to my right. Was that a church? Why hadn’t I seen it before? So, I got off at the next stop, and after a bit of hit and miss navigation, and a lot of long grass, I was in front of the Chiesa Santa Croce.  If you think it is no longer in use, you’d win that bet! 
By the way, that houseboat is still there on Giudecca, and it looks like someone still lives in it.
No pissotta today. Deal with it!


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13 responses to “Giudecca

  1. Ok, Rob, I’ll have to go back, for sure.


  2. Rob C

    The 2nd one is at the back of Guidecca, if you get off at Palanca, turn left on the front, take the Valle just before the bridge and go right to the end, past the coop, turn left toward Campo Junghans, over the bridge and then follow the path on the right, by the school, to the end and ‘voila’



  3. Now, I need to go back to get the name of the fondamenta where I have seen ‘mine’. Do you recall the names of the fondamente where you saw yours?

    Darn, now I also have to back and redress my neglect of Sig. Nero.


  4. Rob C


    Hi,there are two converted Vaporetto houseboats on Guidecca, one looks better re-purposed than the other! Your cat looks more quizzical than deformed though!!

    Maybe he was unsure of why this ‘Lady in Red’ was so busy taking pics of him she forgot to give him a good ‘scratch under the chin’
    Rob 🙂


  5. Caroline Jones

    Hi Yvonne. I didn’t know the women’s prison market there had now closed – shame, as we hadn’t been – but I also didn’t know there was one in Cannaregio – where is it, please ?

    It is now one of our ambitions to have a Venetian cat 🙂


    • Caroline, I think they have a market garden sale on Thursdays. The Cannaregio outlet is between Campo San Fosca and Fondamenta Misericordia, on the right hand side of the calle. If I’m that way, I’ll get the civic number for you.

      You can get in touch with the DINGO folks, and adopt a nice cat!


      • Caroline Jones

        Yvonne, thanks very much on both scores. I hadn’t heard about DINGO before – that’s perfect, now fingers crossed we can get a place to live where we are allowed a cat !


  6. This fine kitty does have a leaning to the right. He’s exceptionally handsome, isn’t he!


  7. It’s a great place on a sunny day, just to zig-zag the calle. The prison outlet in Dorsoduro has closed now, but the one in Cannaregio is still open.


  8. Michelle

    Indeed they were, Darlene.
    Loved the cat. Didn’t see our resident stray today but there was evidence that he had been by the feeding station.
    I hope to get over to visit that island…and possibly visit the sale at the Women’s Prison on my trip.


  9. No pissotta!? I’m crushed. The Venetians really were lions in their day, eh?


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