Thank you, Fausto and Maite

The authors of two excellent blogs showing life in Venice were kind enough to mention me on their blogs.

Thank you, Fausto, a Venetian born and bred, for your blog ( ) that shows  so clearly your love and knowledge of this city. And, thank you, Maite, who has Venice within her heart and soul, I do believe.  ( )

The rules of receiving the award tell me I must now nominate 5 blogs I admire, and tell these people that I have given them recognition. Choosing just 5 is not easy, but I can cheat and use Fausto and Maite as well!

So, in no particular order, I recommend these blogs to you. If you haven’t paid them a visit before, please do so!  Steven and his wife and son are making a life for themselves, here in Venice. They really get involved in their new life.  Erla has lived in Venice, lo, these many years. A National Geographic journalist in a past life, she puts a wry spin on life in this city.  This fellow lives in Treviso. He gets up every Saturday morning while most of us are tucked into our warm beds, to take magical photos of Venice.  Randy writes scholarly and interesting articles on the physical and social history of Venice.  Karen and Mike moved from the USA several years ago. Karen writes about every day life in Venice.  Luckily, I never could count, so I’ll slip in Shell’s blog. She does the most gorgeous watercolours of scenes in Venice (and Paris, I forgive her!) She also shows a delightful use of words in her blog.

 I have not been able to name all the blogs I love. Just look at my blogroll to see where I go most days.



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5 responses to “Thank you, Fausto and Maite

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    • Oh, no, now you’ve gone and done it! You have mentioned a blog of which I was blissfully unaware (Strabela Venexia). i’ll have to set the alarm for an earlier time, it seems! 🙂


  2. Yvonne, you’ve nominated five of my favorites! More joyous work ahead in revealing five more of mine (coming soon to etherspace near all)!


  3. Yvonne, Thank you – even more, Grazie mille!! – for recommending my humble blog and being more than a “blog friend”! Your commentaries are very rewarding and winsomely presented – with a grace that is a great gift. I look forward to them each day, with gratitude!


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