A dog of fashion and some doors

I asked the owner of this little dog if I could take his photo. He looked quite cozy and dry on a cool, wet day. But, what a mournful little face.

The door of a poet.

The poem seems to be about a kiss, with breathless anxiety being displayed, and tears trembling on wet eyelashes. (A proper interpretation is most welcome!)

There was a heavy envelope on the table outside my door. When I opened it, I found 23 postcards! Some of them are quite old, one has a 3 cent USA stamp on it. Thank you, Joann for a fun surprise, and thank you for clearing your desk drawer.




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15 responses to “A dog of fashion and some doors

  1. Joanne Hoefer

    Love the doors Italy has such different ones compared to what we see in America. Glad you like the cards I was always going to do something with them and never did they needed a new home


  2. Bert

    The green door was open when veniceconnected visited. Now we know what goes on behind the green door!


  3. Pat

    Definitely looks like he does not want to be out in the cold even with his cute jacket!


  4. Annie, I haven’t seen any cats for some days now. They’re no doubt tucked up by the fireside. I liked the jazz bit, too.


  5. Cute dog and I love your door collection. Interesting that the poet also has a postcard from New Orleans jazz.


  6. Hi, Bert. I’ll do a collage of several pissotte, to catch up!


  7. Bert

    Maybe they could use that dog in an early warning system! I bet they don’t let him out of the house when there is a strong wind blowing.
    I like doors, but where’s the pissotta?


  8. Getting Miichelle, the panics nearly over,


  9. What a nice surprise to hear from you in your new home! You’ve done really well, I think. Soon, you’ll be able to just sit down and relax a bit.


  10. Michelle

    Hello from our new place..
    Michelle and Lili the explorer are here and on line. The rest of our stuff comes Monday.
    I agree with Darlene about the little dog…probably didn’t want to be out at all.


  11. He doesn’t look mornful, he looks right ticked off.


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