Has my friend Federico taken on a partner?

Hey, good looking!




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7 responses to “Things

  1. It was just natural moisture this time, Bert, not like some dogs had left their calling cards.


  2. Bert

    That’s quite a large pissotta in Calle de la Stua. I don’t think that julie need worry about the moss (if that is what she was referring to) – I think it must be a natural result of the light and the moisture. If she was referring to the wet patches on the ground, they look like what’s left after rain, just before it all evaporates. Only Yvonne can tell us.


  3. Pat

    Moss on the pissota!!! LOL!!! That’s the best one yet!


  4. julie

    Ahh just noticed Yvonne .. you have changed your clock on the blog ! good .. xx


  5. julie


    That pissota has seen a lot of recent action

    Enjoy the Epiphany and Befana celebrations !!



    • Hi, Julie. I finally worked out the magic portal to change the time/date!

      Befana was fun, but SO crowded. I didn’t get many good photos. Epiphany was more successful.


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