People at work and play, and an old friend pops up again

I watch and watch when the marinaio (the person who ties up the vaporetto at a stop, and lets people off and on)  flips the rope to hold the vaporetto in place. They do it so easily, I can’t figure out how it’s done!

The helping hand

 This marinaia was about 153 cm (5 ft) tall, and cute as a button. I’ve seen her before, she’s been on the vaporetti for at least a couple of years.

These two lovely ladies were having a great old gab as they walked along.

Old friends

I just love this poster, which says don’t worry, even if you have wooden legs. (I guess that’s like our two left feet.) Maybe I’ll go and watch the fun, as people learn how to tango.

They were doing some fancy back paddling, so as not to plow into the gondola in front of them.

When I saw this bridge, I thought “Now, why does that name sound familiar?” (See the blog from  30 December.) Is Federico going to haunt my every day from now on?

And, the grand finale:



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15 responses to “People at work and play, and an old friend pops up again

  1. Ciao Yvonne,

    I’m the artist who created this poster
    and I’m happy to see it here again on your blog.

    Thanks a lot for the many compliments.
    I did a lot of work to create it and I’m glad to see that people like it.

    If you are curious to see the single steps of how I created the poster
    take a look to this Flickr page:

    Corsi gennaio

    Noemí Carrau,
    …a Spanish artist who lives in Venice 😉


    • Ciao, Noemi

      Yes, I really do like that poster! I went to the palestra and they gave me a copy of it, which I have had plastificated so I can get it home to Australia without creasing it. It will be hanging on my wall in Queensland!

      Now, I will go to look at its creation. Good luck in your artistic ventures.


  2. I love the photo of the two Venetian ladies!

    One time I saw tango going on outside in campo San Giacomo dall’ Orio. I didn’t join in but I really enjoyed watching!


  3. Bert

    I must admit, speaking as a bloke of the male persuasion, that today’s pissotta seems pretty useless – neither use nor ornament – and definitely not the best so far (imo). The corner it is ‘protecting’ is not big enough to provide suitable cover for the chap ‘caught short’. And, as julie says, it only makes another corner. If the sanitary guardians of Venetian nooks thought that that corner needed protection, did they not think that the corner nearer to the steps needed similar protection?


  4. That’s good to hear you’re all refreshed, Julie! And, I might call the number and whine until they give me a poster.

    Not knowing the minds of men, I can’t answer your puzzlement about the deterent effects of the pissotte! xx


  5. julie

    Hi Yvonne .. hope you had a good new year ! that new year break di me the world of good !

    Love the pics … oooh i think you shoud go to the tango class .. just think what a wonderful experience that would be…. and whip that poster lol …after the 9th Jan though..we don’t no-one turning up for class ! xxx

    p.s Thing that confuses me about some pissota, there is still a corner … the edge of the pissota and the wall … so still space to pee .. if that way inclined


  6. To tell the truth, Shell, I really covet that poster. I’d love to have it on my wall in Atherton.

    I don’t do anything extraordinary, but there’s always something just around the next corner. Ciao, bella.


  7. Love the Tango poster illustration! What a beautiful time you’re having…


  8. Leeme

    I love the picture of the two ladies walking…can just imagine what they might be talking about. 🙂


  9. Michelle

    The tango poster is great. I love to watch Tango ….loved to dance it when I could.
    I think our lady helped me off the vaporetto on my last trip and I love the friends having a gab!

    I agree with Darlene on the pissotta.


  10. Love the poster and this may be the best pissotta yet.


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