An embarrassment of riches (2)

As you walk along the Rio Tera San Leonardo in Cannaregio, and just before you reach the Elvio Carraro optical shop, look to your left. You will see the former Teatro Italia, and to the left of it, another rather nondescript building. nondescript until you look with a little bit of attention.

Here’s what you will see.

May I wish you and all those you hold dear, a most happy and healthy 2012.



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14 responses to “An embarrassment of riches (2)

  1. Brian

    Isn’t it amazing how the reliefs take on a different kind of beauty as they get worn down and give only hints at the details evident before?
    Happy New Year to you Yvonne! (I’ll wish it to you again in the more recent post)


  2. Hi, Mary. Same here, I’d love to see it, but common sense says “Don’t be a goof.”

    I didn’t even see the fog, maybe I was indoors at the time???

    Have a lovely end of 2011. See you!


  3. MaryK

    Happy new year Yvonne. No Piazza for me tonight – the crowds, banging and crashing is just not my style! Interesting fog this afternoon wasn’t it?


  4. We stared at that wonderful display and the adjacent Teatro for a long time during a “chicetti crawl”. Happy New Year from a veeeery snowy Wyoming!


  5. Michelle

    Happy New Year my dear Yvonne. Maybe you can join the celebration at one of the other Campos.
    Lovely pictures. I’ll have to look for those on my next visit.
    Much love from Michelle and Lili(who is really enjoying all the lovely cat pictures)


  6. I love all the reliefs on gold on that building.

    Best wishes for a very happy new year! Hope that NYE in Venezia is lots of fun.


    • I’ll soon be stepping out my front door to go to the NYE matinee concert at La Fenice. I don’t know whether I am brave enough to face the hoards in the Piazza tonight, but I may poke my nose arond the corner and see what’s going on.

      The very best to you, Annie.


  7. Hi, Julie

    Have a good time in Chester. How long will you be there? xxxx


  8. julie

    Beautiful Yvonne

    Happy New Year to you in the most wonderful place, wish I was there!! I will be going to Chester for New Year, looking forward to catching up on my return … hugs Julie xxx


  9. I would agree I have often wondered at them,
    And a most Happy and prosperous New Year to you


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