A watchful cat, a hidden court and a handful of cards


There were six cards waiting for me on the hall table, when I walked back from saying good-bye to my young friend Craig, at the train station.

Thank you to: Alida, Barb, Cee, Maite, Michelle and Lili, and Sheila and Randallo. You have no idea how nice it is to get that mail from you folks!

This is not as pretty as the cards.






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10 responses to “A watchful cat, a hidden court and a handful of cards

  1. jessybobss

    oooh I love his beauty spot too very sweet

    Looks as though you had a beautiul time over the holiday yvonne;; love the latest photos wishing you all the best wishes in the New Year hoping to see some great photos


  2. Hasn’t he, Shell! The cats here seem mostly compact models, with short tails. Genetics will out.

    How’s the weather back in Oz?? xx


  3. The kitty has such a cute beauty spot!


  4. He was concentrating so hard on something important to him.

    15 days isn’t bad, considering strikes over here, and Christmas!


  5. Michelle

    Love the kitty…added to my Venice cat pictures that I’m collecting. Credit will be given where credit is due if I should decide to do a calendar or some such.
    15 days to get my Garfield card!


  6. Sono di Chicago

    Did you zoom in on the cat or did the cat zoom in on you? Also: were you eating?

    Brave kitty in a very dog-y city.


  7. How come old stuff in Venice looks so charming and old stuff at home just looks old?


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