Linda, these are especially for you.

And, a post-Christmas pissotta. None too salubrious, is it?

I have to find the really splendid ones spotted earlier this year. They seem to have gone into hiding.








































































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17 responses to “Chimneys

  1. Steven

    Okay, Yvonne, if you are taking requests now, can you please find out what the story is with the little palazzo Johnny Depp bought beside Ca’ Pesaro last Feb? It was reported that he bought it, renovations were begun & seemed to be moving on at a good pace (and have continued), and then very soon after his purchase a for sale sign went up that still remains. Did his purchase fall through? Did he realize a place on the Grand Canal that everyone knows about might now work out too well for him? I’ve meant to find out something about this, but never have. But I have infinite faith in your ability to get the scoop.


  2. Bert

    Some, if not all, of Yvonne’s chimneys can be seen on Fondamenta di San Girolamo, viewed from Fondamenta Moro o Coletti opposite.


  3. Bert

    Not a lot of people know this, but there are around 7000 chimneys in Venice; in the 1500s there were 10,357. Many roofs back then were made from straw, making fires a common problem. For this reason chimneys were designed with a backwards shaped flue and a cone-shaped trunk which obstructed sparks and allowed them to cool down. []
    I’m sure that somebody must have counted the pissotte, but I cannot find the result on the interweb.


  4. Susie L

    Yvonne, I love the chimneys as well! Thanks for sharing them.


  5. Yvonne…’s a pissotta near the San Toma traghetto stop….


  6. Yvonne….here are some of the drawings I’ve done in the last few months….

    Can’t wait to do a few using your chimney images…..


  7. Michelle

    I love the chimneys too! It was one of the first things I noticed my first time in Venice.
    I can truly say I have never, never noticed a pissota. But then those wouldn’t concern me.


  8. Yvonne was a fabulous surprise!!
    I love your selection….what sestiere?? Do you mind if I draw one or two of them??
    Was it the chimneys that have disappeared or the pissotti?? I wonder many pissotti and chimneys are in Venezia.
    Thanx so much for thinking of me!


    • Hi, Linda. Those were all taken in Cannaregio, and most of them are fairly young, as age goes in this city. You can certainly make use of them. I’ll try to capture a few older one for you.


  9. Looking up today, eh? Well, that’s what I thought anyway until you put in the pissotta pic.


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