Christmas Morning

Christmas morning dawned bright and sunny. It was so pleasant to go for an early morning walk without the crowds we have been experiencing these past few days. But, by 11, more and more people appeared, to enjoy a lovely Christmas day.

Blue skies again

Even some of the vaporetti were having a small vacation

 Via Garibaldi

Lone voyager

Lone pigeon



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14 responses to “Christmas Morning

  1. Andrew

    A lovely pot-pourri of pics. Thanks Yvonne.


  2. Today is grey and very overcast, so maybe there’s more typical winter on the horizon, Michelle. (Soon, it’ll be 328.) 🙂


  3. Michelle

    Such a beautiful day!
    Only 329 days till my arrival…sigh.


  4. Sono di Chicago

    Yup, I agree, you’ve really got an eye, Yv–maybe two of them.


  5. How long can this good weather hold out, Jan?


  6. Some lovely photos Yvonne,


  7. OK, Linda, check the next post. I’ll dedicate it to you, bella.

    She’s a Vixen, our Venice. 🙂


  8. Yvonne….thanks for our wonderful Christmas Day tour….she’s lovely in the sun!! ….the rain….the fog…..the snow……geeze she’s a real charmer in any weather!!
    I almost fainted with delight…..the shot of all the chimneys and in a group to boot. I’ve been doing a series of sketches of Venetian chimneys….

    Cheers to you dear….and thanks again!!!!


  9. Barb

    Thanks for the peek into your Christmas Day in Venice. Not only did you have lovely blue skies and sunshine, it looked like you experienced a nice peaceful walk.


  10. Great shots on a beautiful day! We had an awesome day here too.


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