Acqua bassa

Most people have heard the term acqua alta, in association with Venice. This occurs when high tides, sometimes in combination with seasonal winds, cause some degree of rising waters in low-lying areas of Venice. The Piazza San Marco is prone to be affected, because it is not all that high above sea level. It is not uncommon to see water in the Piazza, and also entering the Basilica.

Very slight high tide in Piazza San Marco. The water was also entering the Basilica that morning.

But, there can also be  acqua bassa (low tide), and on Thursday, this was obvious, in mid-afternoon. You can notice, in the photos, the level the water usually reaches,  by the presence of algae. The steps in the third photo would usually be submerged under water.

There was effluent, perhaps from a washing machine, bubbling out of this opening, which should be under water.

The low tide revealed the reason why this bridge is no longer used!

A “temporary” bridge has been built beside the one in the previous photos.

Look, Bert, I found something red, just for you!

My wishes for a happy festive season, wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing.

This card from Brian the Bloke, arrived at just the right time. Thank you, B the B.



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27 responses to “Acqua bassa

  1. I’d never seen the canals this low until this month and was fascinated by what was revealed! The gondole on the grand canal were even sat on mudflats at the edges! Great post and fab photos of the unseen side of Venice!


  2. Brian

    I’m just getting caught up and wished you a Merry Christmas on a later post and went back and saw this. I’m glad you got the card. I won’t comment on Poste italiana…
    B the B

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That must have been scary/interesting, Jil. Yes, I had a really nice holiday period, thanks. And, I’d say you did too!


  4. jil mohr

    remind me some day to show you the ones I found with NO water at all in them…bizarre….hope your holiday was good…


  5. Andrew

    Merry Christmas Yvonne. Great photos again.


  6. julie

    I like the red hydrant

    Wishing you a lovely xmas and new year Yvonne in your very special place .. I really really do hope I get to see you before you leave .. hugs xxxxx:-)


  7. Rob C


    C’mon, the 5 minutes lost going “I’m sure the hydrant is round here somewhere’ cold be the difference between the theatre rising from the ashes or having to be totally rebuilt!

    They should be daylong Orange with a pulsing light on top(!)


  8. Sheesh, Bert, then this hydrant will be a sort of dull grey, with graffiti, under your administration?

    Have a lovely Christmas with the Little Princess. 🙂


  9. Bert

    I don’t see why those hydrants have to be red. Only the fire service can use them, and they must know where they are. It’s not as though they need to go looking for them. Even if the area is not well lit, firemen have powerful torches [flashlights (US)]. So when I’m mayor of Venice, I would have them painted to match their background.


  10. Sweet dreams to you, Shell. I hope Santa is good to you, because I know you’ve been a good girl! 🙂


  11. Merry Christmas, bella ~ I’d wish you dreams come true but I think being in Venice for Christmas means they already have. One can never have too much of a good thing, though, so here’s to plenty more.


  12. It looked rather slippery, Jan. I wasn’t about to venture onto the steps for a better photo!


  13. All that algae, not a pretty sight, water covers a multitude of sins !!


  14. Buon natale Yvonne ! Baci, a presto !


  15. Michelle

    Happy Christmas Yvonne!
    My card must be running late…mailed 10 days ago today.


  16. The highs and lows of Venice!


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