The letter “M”

A Madonna. (And Child)

A little Mystery.

Who left these wonderful books outside La  Maddalena? And, why?

And, then a Marvel. Such green plants in this cold weather.

And, finally, a Manly thing!

And, a PS  Free entertainment each night in Piazza San Marco. Here’s the offering from tonight, while they were playing some Dave Brubeck jazz.




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18 responses to “The letter “M”

  1. Happy holidays to you, Annie. I’m wondering what my next adventure will be, also! 🙂


  2. Thanks so much for all these great posts and photos. A very happy holiday to you! Looking forward to seeing what your next adventure is.


  3. Hi, Rob, and welcome. Isn’t the weather lovely! I think the spritz was a good idea.


  4. Rob C

    We saw the stage and meant to come back later, but rediscovered a bar nearby with a Spritz instead!

    Wonderful crisp sunny day to return and, so far, everything has gone almost without a hitch!



  5. Hi, Bert. Well, I might have another dander over that way in the next day or so. There were no signs anywhere. (except: “These steps are not a picnic ground”) The Scalzi has a display, so I’ll hie me there when they’re open.


  6. Bert

    Daniel (Palleros) says that the presepi are displayed at La Maddalena every year – he could be wrong, though. He has several photos of them in a section of his site called ‘Christmas in Venice’ [], but I don’t know what year they were taken.


  7. Christy, I looked for you, also. But, I didn’t stay long, either. Let’s see what they offer tonight.

    See you, a presto.


  8. christy

    I was looking for you in your red jacket last night at Piazza San Marco but didn’t find you. But then I didn’t stay long, I was hoping for some Christmas music. 😉

    See you later.


  9. Barb

    I am joining in the chorus of “Merry Christmas, Yvonne!” I think there are
    many of us who wish we could be there with you during this holiday season.
    Venice must seem even more magical with all the Christmas lights and
    decorations. Thanks for letting us see it through your eyes.
    Hugs, Barb


  10. Michelle

    Yes, Yvonne,
    Merry, Merry Christmas from me and Lili!


  11. Lou

    And here’s another ‘M’ for you Yvonne – ( who keeps us tempted, and tempered while we watch you prounce around THE Venezia….)

    “M”erry Christmas
    – in Venice it’s all over before you know it!

    hugs, Lou & Pete.


  12. Wow, that’s cool with all the lights.


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