Another card was waiting for me when I walked up the stairs to my apartment. This one is tricky, the sender is from the UK (thanks Jan), but the subject surely is not!

These are a few shots from inside the Arsenale, part of which was open for the Biennale. It looks forlorn and neglected in many parts. I have been advised to go to the Naval museum to look at old plans which show the various areas and their functions.

In ruins


Sono un po stanca (I am a bit tired), so I will get back to the foundry tomorrow, I hope.



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14 responses to “Arsenale

  1. Caroline Jones

    That’s nice of you – hope you find it fun !


  2. I’ve just subscribed to the blog, Caroline.


  3. Keep in touch, let us know how things are working out, Caroline.


  4. Well, I and many others will wish you the best of luck in your venture. I do hope it works out for you!


    • Caroline Jones

      Hi Yvonne. Finally enjoying catching up after touring England & Wales seeing family and friends. Thanks very much for your good wishes !


  5. Caroline Jones

    Hi Yvonne – this is caroline_edinburgh from Fodor’s, having followed you from there ! All great stuff to keep me dreaming of Venice – and lots of top tips for different things to do when we move there ! And all those other blogs too ! How will I find time for any practicalities between now and March ?! All the best, Caroline


    • Hi, Caroline, and welcome. Will you live here permenently? (She said with a sigh.) There are so many good blogs. I have learned a lot from Fausto’s (Allogi Barbaria). He is a true blue Venetian, who loves his city so much. e-venise is another where you can dig into the archives for glimpses into activities in Venice.

      Buon Natale!


      • Caroline Jones

        Hi and thank you, Yvonne. We hope to make it a permanent move, if we can earn enough to live on when our redundancy runs out 🙂 If not in Venice, then maybe somewhere else in Italy.. We are signed up to do a TEFL course here in Edinburgh before we go, so hope to get work doing that. Initially we thought we’d go wherever we could get jobs, but after our last Venice trip in June decided we just really, really want to be there – so we would just go. If that doesn’t pay enough to live on, maybe after a year when our Italian is up to scratch one or both of us (hopefully not me !) could get a job back in IT which is what we are leaving here. But if it doesn’t work out, at the very least we’ll have had a year in Italy !


  6. Not so bad, have had a new cast on my foot, the other one was rubbing, this is no better, been walking around to much, got to
    curtail it, ro;; 11th January hopefully coming off then,
    Motto don’t miss a step!!!
    Damp and deary here,


  7. Hi, Jan. It was fun to receive that postcard! It didn’t matter what was on it. How is everything going? Brrr, it’s chilly this morning, i won’t be dawdling on my way to school. Cheers!


  8. Sorry about that Yvonne, but bring sort of housebound, it was something I dug out of the archives


  9. It is such a huge complex. The city is toying with the idea of buying it from the Navy, to create a marina.

    Yes, in Europe, Australia, and probably many other places in the world: 13/12 it would be.


  10. Michelle

    The water, I love the water…
    Get some rest dear friend.
    I mailed my postcard on 12/13 or should that be 13/12 in Venice?


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