The story continues

I really can’t decide whether I liked Friday’s adventure best, or the invitation into the Squero Tramantin. It doesn’t matter, they were both unexpected delights.

For those of you who were left wondering where in heck the last promised photo (yesterday) was: some gremlin removed it from the blog, although it did show in the preview. I apologise for that, and here it is, again:

Some products of the foundry

My destination on Friday was the Foundry Valese, in Cannaregio. They make products in brass and bronze, the sort of thing we see every day in Venice: door knobs, door knocker, door handles, fittings for the gondolas, supports for street lights, and so on. 

I had seen a video of this place on the e-venise site, and knew I really wanted to see it. A few emails and phone calls later, and I had an appointment to visit them, to see the fusion process. I nearly ran from school to Cannaregio, I didn’t want to miss a minute of this.

When I got there, all the models had been prepared for the fusion, but they kindly did another small one, so I could understand the process.

Here goes!

First, the model, which will serve to produce a pattern for the molten metal. The models are made of metal, wood or gesso. Some of the models are very old, others have been created to fill a customer’s request. My little model was placed on a flat surface.

Talc is sprinkled on the model, to prevent it sticking to the sand. A wooden form is placed over the model.

A layer of the special sand is sieved over the model.

More sand is applied, and scattered into the form.

Even more sand is heaped into the form.

And the sand is pounded firmly into place.

Excess sand is scraped away, and saved for next time!

The form is flipped over. The sand holds its shape within the wooden form. I thought it would all fall out!

Excess sand is removed, to leave crisp edges.

More talc is applied, and the process is repeated, with a second wooden form slotted into place, sand pounded down.

The forms are separated and the model is carefully removed, and there is the mould. Wow! Notice the missing little piece.

The small defect was corrected with some sand.

Holes are made in the sand, to allow the molten metal to enter.

The holes are enlarged on the exterior of the sand. Again, I was impressed at the solidity of this sand.

 I think that is enough for you to absorb today, and I’m ready for some red wine, and some food. Until tomorrow, let me find a pissotta for you.





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9 responses to “The story continues

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  2. There may be some degree of serious mark up on the prices, eh?

    I meant to do more on the report today, but school took my enthusiasm away!

    See you soon.


  3. christy

    I stopped in at their shop not too far from our apartment because I wanted to take home a door knocker. They do beautiful work. However at 690 euro, I am not sure that I will be able to take one home. 😦

    Great pictures and narration, Yvonne.


  4. ester

    It has 6 lines sticking out. Symbolizes the 6 districts of Venezia – while the
    opposite line sticking out symbolizes the Guidecca. The arch symbolizes the Rialto bridge while the arch of iron symbolizes the Dodge’s horn.
    Thanks for the photos.


  5. Buongiorno, Maite, e grazie! I’ll write more today. I’d like to go back again, they do the fusion every 2 weeks.


  6. Brava Yvonne, è meraviglioso ; grazie ! Buona giornata, a presto !


  7. It was so interesting to see the process from start to finish. I am glad I saw that video on e-venise!


  8. Michelle

    Totally fascinating! I would never have guessed.

    But you still haven’t answered…what school?? what classes??


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