Babbo by the dozen

Thanks to a message from Fausto, my early warning alert system, I knew there would be a Regata of Babbo Natale (Father Christmas) on Saturday morning. We met at Ca’ Foscari, hoping to be allowed access to their water landing stage, which would provide a ringside seat for this occasion. But not even Fausto’s Venetian accent and charm would give us permission today. There was a “Private function” happening.

So, we walked down to Ca’ Rezzonico and waited on the hump-backed bridge there. Soon, a veritable flotilla of Babbo Natale appeared from the direction of San Marco. I am so glad I didn’t miss this fun experience.

But, wait, there’s more.

As this Babbo Natale passed, a little girl beside me called out in happy excitement “Pappa, Pappa”. It was her grandpa.

While waiting for the Regata to appear, I looked up at the Palazzo Grassi and saw an old friend.

The streets at night are very pretty.

Not at all festive



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16 responses to “Babbo by the dozen

  1. hahah! Only in bella Venezia would you ever see that many rowing Santas!


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  3. julie

    Brilliant pictures Yvonne ! I think one of the Babbos (Babbi lol ) are in disguise in your 8th pic .. spotted his beard .. can you see him ?


  4. Anna

    Loving all your adventures in Venice, will you be publishing a pissotta guide like the “ponte de venezia” or like Venise La Serinissime’s “well heads”?
    Thanks for sharing.


  5. He’s a big stuffed fellow. I had only seen him front on before, so was pleased to get his profile!


  6. That was some bird, was it real ??


  7. There’s a definite word of mouth network here. Or, you keep a close eye on posters around the place.


  8. Michelle

    Ah, what fun. Can we get Fausto to be my early warning alert system next year???


  9. Pat

    Yvonne, this is so cute!!! Great that you were able to experience it. You really crack me up never missing a chance to get a photo of a pissota!!


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