Back of Hotel Chiara

This was not behind the hotel. This one takes its job seriously.



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15 responses to “Back of Hotel Chiara

  1. Or, “Where’s Wally”? Or, “Spot the pissot”.


  2. Pat

    I love the last photo. Definitely taking it seriously! You need to do a guidebook on these. Just like there’s a guidebook for Hidden Mickeys for Disney World! LOL!!


  3. Someone else will no doubt pop in with better information, but, basically, you will see many external shapes and forms of the chimneys of Venice. You could spend goodness knows how long, just recording that.

    Apparently, the interiors of the old chimneys were designed to take the heat out of the embers, to reduce the risk of fire in a city that had many wooden structures. Glass making was supposedly moved to Murano for the same basic reason.


  4. I love the chimney stacks. Is there any history behind their unique shape?


  5. Maybe they have splendid paintings on the wall, Jan??


  6. Quite different, but don’t think I would want a room at the back,


  7. Wonderful! Sometimes the “back” of a building reveals more history and beauty than the “front”. Never miss an opportunity to see what is “behind the scenes”!


  8. cee

    Your photos are always very interesting, you always find something different.
    Please read post on “I’ve got mail”. Thank you.
    In the UK it is the 16.12.2011. The time is 22.44pm.
    The above post is dated 17.12.11. The time 8.10am.
    The date 30.11.11 is making people wonder.


    • Hi, Cee. You’re right about the date difference. My WordPress site is stuck on Oz dates/time, so when I schedule a post to publish at 8am, we (in UK and USA) are behind that time. Sorry about that confusion!

      Would you like to teleport back in time, to get some answers to the puzzles in Venice?


      • Cee

        Hi. Thank you for the explanation.

        As for teleporting, which way?
        I’d like to be on Isola di Torcello in its glory days (but in summer). see the mosaic artisans at work in San Pietro Matire.
        Forwards- find out if the “Garden of Eden” on the Giudecca is beautiful again. Oh and if it’s open to visitors!
        Puzzle solving?
        It would be interesting to work out how by following “sempre dritto” directions you get to where you want to be, in the end!

        Thank you for sharing your magical days in Venezia.


  9. Barb

    We all need a map of Venezia and each day we will “highlight” your treks with postings of “….and this is where our Yvonne was today!” I can see a guide book in the works!


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