Another detached house

This neat little building will be found easily, in the Campo S.Maria del Giglio. It serves as a stationery/ odds and ends shop. They have some great black and white post cards.

This fellow, and his mate guard the entrance to a hotel. They looked decidedly unimpressed with the manner in which they are dressed for the festive season.

The latest postcard arrived today, from Julie, who is from the UK. It was written on the 3 December. Once more, there is no cancellation mark on the envelope, I’ll save the stamps for you, Julie. 🙂

Now, let’s see what I can find in the collection of pissotte.



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15 responses to “Another detached house

  1. That poor lion, his dignity is hurt. I bought a Xmas ornament in that former campanile one time.

    Have a happy weekend!


  2. julie

    lol that lion is not very happy at all !

    Yay you got my post card .. no telling Yvonne .. can anyone guess where it is ?
    have a good day Yvonne x


  3. Love the Lions head gear, don’t like the Hotel, but that’s another story,


  4. They’re card racks, Michelle.


  5. Michelle

    Okay are those card racks or have they had to install security measures since I took my picture in October 2008??
    I was just passing at the time…checking to make sure I knew how to get to Musica a Palazzo in the daylight.
    I’ll email you the link to my picture.


  6. Barb

    I’ve bought several small gifts at that shop, including a couple for me which I see or use everyday! What fun to see it on your blog.


  7. You found it! The little shop is the base of the campanile for Chiesa S.Maria del Giglio – apparantly started several times and eventually just pulled down to the stump you see today!


  8. That building is soooo cute!


  9. Bert

    That shop is the base of the unfinished campanile of the church.


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