I’ve got Mail!

Yay, when I got home from school (on the 14th), there were 3 postcards waiting for me! It was so nice to see some mail sitting on the little table outside my door.

Here they are:

Tied for first place

 Thank you to Lou (Australia), Maya (the other Venice, USA) and Cee (UK).

Cee’s card was postmarked 5.12 in the UK (she wrote it on 30.11), Maya’s was postmarked 6.12, and the post-office in Australia failed to stamp the date!  I’ll steam that stamp off and save it for you, Lou.

This was tucked into a little calle near a Biennale exhibition in Castello. Something, or someone, seems to missing. Maybe it was spritz time?
And, now some easy work for you. What is this mystery object?
For Rob, who has gone into pissotte withdrawals, apparently.
Ciao a tutti.


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13 responses to “I’ve got Mail!

  1. cee

    Ooooooh the above post has transported itself.
    Here in the UK it’s 16.12.11, the time is 22.06pm; but my post is dated the 17.12.11 ..8.03am.
    Maybe now I can transport my telepathic thoughts.


    • Hi, Cee. I’ve answered the situation of the time/date discrepancy on the post about the Hotel Chiara. (Well, almost all the posts while I’ve been in Venice will show a different date than you have.) You’re observant to spot it!


  2. cee

    …..only sent a card m’lord.
    The “offending card” was written on the 30.11.11.
    I noticed the post requesting cards that evening, so the card was written quickly. The date on my screen was 30.11.11, ytaba36’s was 1.12.11.

    I have noticed that ytaba’s posts are a date ahead.
    Please look at the last comment on the post “detached house” and see the date ” Dec 17, 2011 at 3.05am”. In the Uk it’s 16.12.11.

    It took a couple of days to get the 8p stamp (actually9p) to add to the 60p stamp I already had. (68p to Italia) The “card” was then posted on Saturday afternoon where it would have sat until first collection Monday.

    Why would I make the date up?
    What do I gain?
    Alas, I’m not privileged to have telepathic powers. (I wish…)

    Buona sera


  3. Julie, check tomorrow’s post!! xxx


  4. julie

    Love the invisible drummer !!! hey good for you going to school ,, I’d love to that in Venice..will have to get some info off you about that .

    Still no card from me 😦 I think i posted it on the 3/12 .. so if you just got Cee’s from the 30th there is still hope for mine … really hoope it comes.. its a little more than a postcard



  5. Andrew

    Is it the inside of your kettle. If so it’s in need of descaling!


    • Andrew, I wrote the book on good housekeeping, dontcha know!

      For example. Bothered by ants in the kitchen? Just sprinkle some sugar in the living room.

      Yes, you’re right … the water in Venice is full of calcium, no wonder the water comes out in a tiny trickle.


  6. Michelle

    Your post card from Seattle went out yesterday morning…12-13-11 so it is on the way…and the picture has noting to do with Seattle. School?? School of life??? School of Venice??
    Lili says “Meow”


    • I broke down and enrolled in the Italian school on Campo Santa Margherita, so off I trudge (over 12 ponte) each morning, with my little backpack and play lunch! School and homework don’t leave much time for anything else, I find.


  7. Rob C

    I was just worried that you’d wandered off-course from your declared intentions already!

    However, I’m happy for you to find something else to focus** on 🙂


    ** Focus, get it! I crack myself up sometimes 😉


  8. It would be kind of a few seconds delayed action, also. Are things hotting up with the Christmas preparations?


  9. There would be major spash back from that one!


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