I’m going to start this post with a fun photo. These fellows were from Paris, and agreed I could take their photo. Then, I explained what it was they were sitting on. They moved.

We're sitting on a what!?

There’s a film crew in town, doing a movie on some part of Ruskin’s life. Emma Thompson, Derek Jacobi and Julie Walters are among the British cast. This lovely old boat (a San Pierota) was sailing about near the Palazzo Grassi. Fausto told me it was being filmed for the movie.

This morning, I headed for a new destination. The following photos give you a taste of what I saw. I have to do some research, to be able to tell you more of the history of this place. Can any of you venture a guess as to where I was?

It has tall buildings, and cars.

It has water.

And cats.

And even some modern art.

I do hope I can find some information about place “X”, or I might have to make up some good stories!

Till tomorrow ….



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20 responses to “Buongiorno!

  1. Hi, Jude. I’m at the Istituto Veneziana, on Campo Santa Margherita. I hadn’t even heard of the Zambler school, so can’t give you any informatin at all. The teachers I have are really good, and integrate grammar and conversation into the lessons. But, one would have to live here for some time to really become proficient!


  2. Hi Yvonne,
    What are the Italian lessons like at Zambler School? Are those the free classes for foreigners (not tourists)? I heard that there are some given in Mestre.


  3. Annie, I walked past, then thought “How often will this opportunity throw itself in your path?” So, I screeched to a stop and went back and popped the question, so to speak. I hope they dine out on their tale of where they found a place to sit in Venice! 🙂


  4. I love that you found a couple of dudes sitting on one!


  5. Hi, Maya. I thought that’s where you studied. The teachers are really great, I have Sylvia and Alberto. Isn’t it difficult to practice; you’re right, you have to be immersed in the language. So, a move to Venice sounds about right, right?


  6. irina

    So, you started your italian lessons at Zambler School 😉 Good luck!


    • Good brain is what I need, Irina!! So, if you find one just sitting around, save it for me, please. 🙂


      • I took Italian lessons while I was there as well. At Istituto Venezia in Campo Santa Margherita. I loved it because I met people from all over the world and have kept a pen pal friendship with a lovely Frenchman! 😉 It’s so hard to learn a language for me though… I practice everyday, but I am just not getting any better. I think I just need to move to Venice to get it right, right?


  7. Bert

    Hindsight is always 20/20, Yvonne.


  8. I think there is a cat sanctuary at the place I visited on Sunday. I saw quite a few of them , but they were very skittish.


  9. Venetian cats… come to think of it, MOST cats I have seen in Italy, are very well-fed!!! I miss my fat ol’ boy, but seeing these bruisers makes me smile! Mestre, eh… not so much! 😉


  10. Bert, where were you when I got off at the wrong bus stop, and wandered, lonely as a cloud? 🙂


  11. Bert

    That’s Mestre, the Istituto Zambler, on the corner of Via Forte Marghera and Via Francesco Zanotto, in the third photo.


  12. Michelle Vaden

    And since the pissota is to deter the use hopefully they didn’t need a laundromat.
    Our French friend who does the lovely videos has some night shots of the movie filming on her website.


  13. Michelle Vaden

    Such lovely kitties.
    I would say Lido except for the tall buildings…but they could have added tall buildings since I was there…


  14. Ewwwww, And did you direct them to the nearest Laundromat?


  15. What!? Pissotas aren’t for sitting on?


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