I stop on a bridge and look down. The next thing I know, 10 minutes have gone by.

It’s all because of reflections. These were captured near the Frari.

And, a tiny little graffiti, on the Rialto bridge.

For those who know of, and admire him, I met and spoke to Francesco da Mosto, on Burano. What a nice, down to earth man! I’ll never wash my right hand again!


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18 responses to “Hypnotised

  1. Hi, Lynda! I’ll surely pass your greetings along to the folks at Diana. Omar is back in his home country, getting married!


  2. lynda

    I can see how you were mesmerized by those reflections – how beautiful! I don’t comment very often but am walking along with you as I read your daily posts. Thank you so much. BTW, it was so nice seeing the pic of Habid, please say hello from me.


  3. Love that Bridge, one of our Bars at the foot of it, Caffe dei Frari ,

    Card on the way,!


  4. Buongiorno, Maite. Today, I’m going to Marghera, for a different experience.


  5. Bellissimi riflessi…Buona giornata ! Baci, a presto !


  6. Great pictures. Santa came early today and I have a lovely new camera to play with. Maybe now I’ll be able to get good shots too.


  7. julie

    Hey .. what a amazing treat meeting Francesco … were you not starstruck lol 🙂

    p.s .. sent my postcard a week ago … should be there by now ,, only a 2 hour flight away



  8. Barb

    You met Francesco!!! That does it! I am changing my plane reservations from April and will arrive in a day or two, all prepared to follow you around and have wonderful experiences. 🙂 The most unusual thing I’ve done in Venice is fall and break my hand and visit the emergency room!


  9. Michelle

    First, your postcard from me is delayed as I had reported.
    Right back at you on the “cool photo”.
    Francesco….be still my heart.

    Go ahead and get the Francesco DVD’s because they will play on your computer…they did on mine and they also as I discovered through trial and error play on my newer and very cheap(under $100) DVD player. Which reminds me I need to watch it again (and again, and again)…


  10. There’s no problem staying hynotised! I just wish the darned slow tourists would go elsewhere, or a least move to the right side of the calle as they amble along. How do the Venetians put up with us!?

    Where’s my post card!? 🙂


  11. Ah, the bridge across from San Rocco & the Scuolo! Wonderful! (Tonolo is nearby, too – fabulous pastry shop!). We really enjoyed DaMosta’s books – next time you see him ask where we can get the BBC TV series on DVD’s that work in the US! Stay hypnotized by Venice!


  12. He’s so down to earth, Kathleen, and looks, in person, just as he does on his videos. I couldn’t believe my luck, seeing and speaking to him!!! And, shaking his hand.

    Cinzia called just awhile ago. Their train was stalled outside Florence, heaven knows when they’ll get back to Roma. (Where’s my post card!!??)

    Oh, they’re making a film here, with Emma Thompson, about old Ruskin! Haven’t seen any of the stars, but lots of filming is going on, in the Piazza, and some of the minor canals.


  13. Kathleen

    Oh Yvonne, you met Francesco? *swoon*

    Was he wonderful?

    Hope you had a lovely time with Cinzia and her sister.


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