Missing in action

I have visitors coming from Roma, so I’ll be missing from the World of Blogdom for a couple of days.

This little house is one of the few free-standing  I’ve noticed in Venice.

Babbo Natale, just hanging around, waiting.

And, the grand finale.







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21 responses to “Missing in action

  1. I never left, Steven, except to take my guests to Mazzorbo, Burano and Lido! Sleep well tonight.


  2. Steven

    Nearly. We are all of us, in different degrees, still dealing with jet lag and not sleeping well, or in my wife’s case, hardly at all. But I’m confident tonight will be the night when we all finally return to normalcy. You are back in Venice?


  3. Steven

    I read someplace that the executioners of Venice lived in detached houses but can’t recall the locations referred to in my source (whatever it was–perhaps Norwich’s history of the city?).


  4. Bert

    I found your detached house, Yvonne. There must have been a boatyard nearby once upon a time.


  5. Bert

    “There must be a story attached to that.”
    Two storys to be precise! 🙂 [I checked in a dictionary.]


  6. Those hanging Babbo Natales are adorable. That pissotta is a mountain! Hope you have a great time with your friends from Roma. Cheers, Annie


  7. Andrew

    Missing you already.


  8. Hi, Maya. My fingers may be itching to get to the keyboard, these next few days.


  9. Oh, I shall miss your daily posts! I look forward to them so much! Have a wonderful time with your company, but do not stay away too long! There are those of us left behind that need our daily dose of Yvonne’s world!


  10. Michelle

    Enjoy your company!!


  11. ya! it sure is grand…..


  12. Wow! They mean business with that last one!!!!


  13. Cute house, but looks almost out of place as a free standing building, eh? the pissota is huge – for a giant?


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