Natale is coming!

There was a lot of activity in Piazza San Marco last evening.

Not your traditional Nativity scene

I’ll keep you posted on progress.

And, without comment …



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24 responses to “Natale is coming!

  1. Andrew, those nativity scenes are hilariously bad! Thanks for the link!

    A Love of Venice had added a new page to his site, Christmas in Venice. Beautiful photos and some gorgeous nativity scenes.


  2. Bert

    No clues at all, Yvonne. I just kept looking at all the bridges. I probably checked about 50!


  3. Bert

    The pissotta is on the Ponte del Modena, over the Rio di San Boldo, Santa Croce.


  4. Andrew

    I once heard that if you think the world is going too fast just join a post office queue.


  5. I’ll keep an eye out for that, Annie.


  6. Any sign that they might revive the Christmas Market that used to be in campo Santo Stefano? I always enjoyed that. I think it’s been a couple of years since they stopped doing it.


  7. The activity at San Polo is the erection of an ice skating rink which will be open for business on 8 December. I think I’ll just watch, not rent any skates.


  8. Andrew, I have just reeled back from my second encounter at the Post Office. A good lie down is in order! I’ll check out that link when I have recovered my equilibrium!

    I’m baaaack, and just had to say that we humans are truly a weird lot!!! What strange Nativity scenes.


  9. Andrew

    Really don’t like the Nativity scene. It should be more elegant. If you want a good laugh go to and click The 27 Worst Nativitys ( sorry I can’t do links). My favourite is the snow globe.


  10. Christy was here last year and she says it is completely different. What a wonderful time of the year to be here! 🙂


  11. This nativity scene must be new, correct? I don’t recall seeing it last year…


  12. Ha ha, Mary, Joseph, and especially the lamb look like Lego figures (my nephews play with them). Not very elegant to be right beside the Basilica! I’ll be curious to see what the finished tableau looks like.


  13. irina

    It’s a very strange looking Christmas tree for Venice.
    The Christmas tree decorations are the products from the Italian (South Tyrol’s) company “Thun”. I myself have collected Thun Bozen Angels for many years 😉


    • Aha! That explains the “Thun” stencils on the boxes. Everything is very different, not what I expected in Italy, let alone Venice! Ciao, bella.


      • irina

        The Thun creations are beautiful, I’ve always liked them, they give me happyness and serenity. They smell like mountains 😉 The problem is that they are designed in Tyrolean style that has nothing to do with Venice. Ciao, a presto!


    • Irina, I think the Thun family had a lot to do with ensuring the success of the presepe. And, I believe they sponsored the restoration of some significant work of art. I might have to buy a Thun souvenir to take home. The tree itself came from Bolzano. A real collaboration.

      Until martedi …


  14. Anyone would think Christmas was coming!


  15. christy

    I saw the finished Nativity scene this afternoon. It’s definitely different. I didn’t even take a photo.

    By the way, there is also something going on/up at Campo San Polo today. Do you know anything about it?


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