A few architectural details

There’s not a touch of boring old suburbia in Venice!

Interesting patterns

 Here we can see  some former openings that have been bricked up, for one reason or another. Sometimes it may be for structural reasons, to give added strength to a building wall. And, how happy I was … I saw red!


Arches are often seen. This one may be decorative, others can provide support functions, while others may signal an alliance (perhaps by marriage) between the families who lived in the buildings. (This one might even fall into that latter category.)


 I admired this narrow “home” between two other tall buildings.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Hey, good-looking!

This pissotta had it all, graceful form, double-decker base. But, wait, there’s more!

Then, it showed a  former door, now closed in, behind it.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, an arch above it. It’s a winner!



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15 responses to “A few architectural details

  1. Bert

    The second photo was taken at the end of Calle de le Carozze, Castello, looking across Rio di San Giovanni Laterano.
    That took a while to find.


  2. It’s such a striking building, eh? I’m just off to watch the mayor throw the switch and light up the Piazza. But, it’s dark and raining, so no photos!


  3. Bert

    The first photo is of a building in a corner of Campo Santa Maria Formosa.


  4. Andrew

    How many sighs can we get in a post, Yvonne? Sigh, sigh, sigh and one for luck sigh. Is that it for horrible hoardings now? I think the base of the campanile will be the next to come down- at least it’s not garish.


    • I have a permenent groove on my nose from pressing it against the hoarding around the campanile. About all I see is water and mud being pumped out. I’d dearly love to see a cross section of the structure of the Piazza. I’m sure that must exist somewhere. Sigh.


  5. And, how quickly we forget how intrusive the advertising was! I suppose many of the people churning over the bridge of straw don’t even realise how lucky they are to see it all again. Sigh.


  6. Andrew

    Just read in our newspaper that the hideous hoarding around the Bridge o Sighs is down. Allelujah! Sigh!


  7. I’ll do it in real time, Bert, while looking for the elusive handsome pissotte I found near there before. Sigh, they can’t have removed them, surely?


  8. Bert

    That’s no skinny house! That’s just a couple of windows of the Palazzo Zorzi-Bon. Take a look from the other side on veniceconnected, and be impressed – be very impressed!


  9. It’s pretty old, so there would be lots of happenings, for sure. How can I look Atherton in the face again?


  10. I love the skinny house! Wouldn’t it be neat to be able to see inside? And what stories do you think it could tell?


  11. Calle dell’Arco detta Bon, I think the palazzo is Zorzi-Bon, the other one is Calle del Paradiso, I like that place. Nice details Yvonne! Until when will you be in Venice?


    • Hi AnnaLivia. How’s the weather in your city? I’m here until 18 February, and the time is already melting away.

      Last night, I heard and saw Fausto (and Sergio) give a presentation on the campanile he was able to climb inside.


      • You are so fortunate to be able to stay there for so long!! How I envy you : ) The weather is getting cold, but no snow yet. Still two weeks before I leave for Paris, but no Venice escapade this time… Too bad, I could have met you.
        Have a nice weekend,
        a presto!


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