“Miss Eleni” and a request

Just a few fragments from today, when the weather was most pleasant, again.

Wouldn't this be a nice Corte to come home to?

Wouldn't this be a nice view to come home to?


But, who did this graffitti?

There’s always time for reflection …

Another feathered friend

This was about 5 cm long, on paper, and right by a gondola station.

A big example. (Thanks Bert)

And, here’s when it was built, I guess.

Now for the request. If you feel like it, please send me a post card, with just the date, your name and city on it. They’d be fun to receive, and I’ll post details of each as they arrive. (I love getting real mail.)

The address:


San Marco, 1671  Venezia 30124   Italia.




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20 responses to ““Miss Eleni” and a request

  1. Sandra

    Such beautiful photos! Hope you are enjoying your travels… I am green with envy! Your Canadian friend, Sandra


  2. Michelle

    You know the original plan was for me to spend some time there with you this year too….but life is what happens when you are making other plans.
    I am so delighted with your blog…even if I can’t be there in person.
    Lili says you are responsible for petting every kitty you can get close to for her. I know some cats are standoffish but she just loves other animals.


  3. Go, Julie, Go!!! 🙂 I am so happy here, Julie. Cinzia is hoping to get up next week, that’ll be fun, the 2 of us loose in Venice. xx


    • julie

      Glad you are loving Venice .. I’m there with you ! lol I’m even checking the weather and webcams everyday … looks like fog tonight (Fri)

      How lovely to see Cinzia …give her my love xxxx


      • And now, big drum roll …. Johnny (her Johnny, not the other fellow), is coming along, also. She was very surprised when he said he’d like to come to Venice.

        It’s trying very hard to rain today. I haven’t seen Pepe yet. xxxx


  4. julie

    continuing to enjoy your blog Yvonne, love the owl pic .. i’ll send you a postcard,,, you now have issued a challenge to see if mine gets there first !!



  5. It’ll be fun to see how long it takes for cards to get to this destination.


  6. Michelle

    I’ll hold the very tiny, and would probably fit, book until you return to Atherton.
    I have just the postcard and will try to get it into the mail this weekend!


  7. Hi, Lou and Pete, and the 2 important members of the family! I am having the best time, no pressure of a short visit, just ambling.I dreamed last night that I won a lottery, and I was going to spend even more time here! I was thinking today how nice it would be if you 2 were here right now. Oh, the spritz ….


  8. Lou

    And there is no competition about who ‘knows’ Venice. It is yours Yvonne.


  9. Lou

    Yvonne… you manage to capture IT. Not sure if it is the skill of your photography or just what you happen to spot – you do it anyway.
    thank you. I’ll send you a postcard.


  10. Michelle

    I have a picture of that “view to come home to” in my first trip in 2008…Mike took be there and we watched the fish in the water. Yes, there are lovely fish living in the canals.
    Lovely idea about the postcards. I was going to ask for your address because I just finished a lovely little book I thought you might enjoy. You could pass it on to someone there. Wow, wouldn’t they be impressed with a package from Seattle. Or I could hold the book till you’re back in Atherton but it has to get to you eventually.
    I’ll send the postcard no matter what.
    Love from me and Lili


  11. Bert

    That ‘stump’ with the date looks like a flagpole pedestal to me, Yvonne. My guess would be that the pissotta was built around it. For followers in your footsteps, this one is attached to the church of Sant’ Agnese in Dorsoduro.
    Your splendid second photo was taken where there might have been a spinning-mill nearby.


    • Would there have been a flagpole so close to the church? I now have to go and check out the distance from the church walls!

      There were so many different factories, etc. in Venice at one time, eh?


  12. I love the gondola drawing. Mail from Mexico would never get through to you, unfortunately.


  13. Barb

    It took me more than one time looking at the photos searching for “Miss Eleni” when I suddenly figured it out. 🙂 A little slow tonight!

    You do find the coolest things to photograph! I am going to try to follow in your footsteps in April, but I am sure I won’t be able to find half the interesting things you’ve found in the short time you’ve been there.

    I like the post card idea. Watch for one from my little corner of the world.


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