I don’t mind Mondays

I spent most of the morning wandering around Cannaregio, where these photos were taken.

The last pomegranate

She watched over me as I ate lunch

Just over the canal from my lunch table

This is my week for spotting birds, it seems

And,  on the bridge I stood upon to take the previous photo, there were about a dozen padlocks, including this one that looks like it will need some strong bolt cutters to remove.

Today’s featured pissotta, including a photo that shows its setting.

Finally, a friendly hello to all mutual friends, from this nice fellow!



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22 responses to “I don’t mind Mondays

  1. You can find it next to Santa Maria della Fava. 🙂


  2. The pomegranate is beautiful, and I’m intrigued by the little window above the pissota too.
    Speaking of, I posted one for your collection: http://www.slowtrav.com/blog/annienc/2011/11/for_yvonnes_collection.html


  3. I see you are having a great time Yvonne! I recognize many details of my “october neighborhood” ; ) Did you see the Muti cats? How was the diner with Fausto? I wish I was there…
    Have a nice day!


  4. Do you happen to know why Dorsoduro doesn’t have an ultimo numero? Are they hoping to expand? Don’t they give a darn what the other sestiere have done?


  5. Bert

    That pissota has me puzzled. I’d be rather proud if those spikes could pose a threat. The phrase “adding insult to injury” occurs to me, but in the case of that pissota, it would be adding injury to insult, perhaps.
    Maya, each sestiere has its own ‘ultimo numero‘ sign, except for Dorsoduro. You could call it ‘fun’ to spot them.


    • Bert, I had no idea each Sestiere had its own ultimo sign! How fun for me next time — I will try to find them all! And thanks for the tip that there isn’t one for Dorsodoro or I’d be manic as all heck trying to locate it! 🙂


  6. Andrew

    I love that litle window above the pissotta. I wonder what it looks like from the inside?


  7. Michelle

    And for those too young to remember…the Paul Anka song was “Diana”


  8. It’s the Ristorante Diana, at Cannaregio, 2519. Down to earth, and you’ll be welcomed like family when you go back the second time. And tell them Yvonne says hello.


  9. I love that “ultimo” numero sign for San Marco… I think I have the very picture. “My” San Marco numero is 3335 🙂

    What restaurant did you go to in Cannareggio? Is it a favorite? I need to know for my next trip!


  10. Michelle

    Suddenly a certain Paul Anka song is running through my head. Please say Ciao to that young man who refused to allow me to put “cheese on my fish”.
    Glad you identified the pomegranate….I was thinking one very large rose hip.


  11. Barb

    Everytime I think your photos couldn’t get more interesting, you prove me wrong. I loved the antique-looking figurines (Laurel and Hardy ?) on the window ledge. And is that handsome chap one I recognize from your favorite restaurant? There has to be some funny stories as to why those spikes are located where they are. And don’t I see some fun wall art just beyond the building where the pissotta is located?


  12. Those spikes on the pissotta look a tad deadly.


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