Blue skies, smilin’ at me

This was fun to watch
Obligatory person in red
This fellow was stalking pigeons

This fellow had the cutest meow, and just wanted to be patted.

And now … drum roll … the feature of the day that you’ve all been waiting for.



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21 responses to “Blue skies, smilin’ at me

  1. I’ve never been there for Santa Lucia’s day – can’t wait to hear about it.


  2. Love the kitties! And that heart-shaped bubble in campo San Geremia is very cool.


    • Hi, Annie. I could have watched the fellow all day, but the little kids kept pushing me out of the way! I’ll try to get to San Geremia for Santa Lucia’s special day in December.


  3. Hi, Shell. And, I’ve had the fortune to be able to fuss over some lovely pooches, too. They all seem so jaunty and friendly.


  4. Gorgeous kitties! And I’m glad your photos are helping to cheer Maya {as much as we can be cheered in such sad situations}. Here’s to more of those blue skies, bella.


  5. LOL….Yvonne you make my day. I’m enjoying all the comment to. I might not leave a comment everyday but I do visit to see what you’re up too….


  6. Barb

    Those blue skies look beautiful. And I find myself looking forward to the “pissotta” of the day. Just one more thing that makes our beloved Venice unique.


  7. I’m loving the gatti! I just lost my own after 10 years of constant companionship, so seeing these stocky little bruisers makes me heart soar. Thank you for posting them! You may have to do cats AND pissotte every day! 😉


    • Aw, it’s so sad to lose a beloved pet. You’re right, most of these cats are stocky and solid. I can’t promise a cat a day, the little blighters don’t stand still as the pissotta do! 🙂


  8. What a beautiful day in Venice! re: Obligatory Person in Red – perhaps you might consider starting a new “tag” for that parameter? Enjoy the sunshine!


    • That’s a good suggestion, Randallo! And, I’m expecting the weather to become more normal any day now.

      By the way, you can tell me, please. What is the famous building where that vulture resides? I am not your encyclopedic visitor, as you may have gathered.


  9. Hi, Darnit! There’s just so much to find, if you the time to amble along! How’s everything down south? Are you getting brown yet? Cheers.


  10. You always find something new!


  11. The pigeon stalker was so funny. He peeked around the corner, saw the pigeon walking closer. The cat backed up so the pigeon couldn’t see him, and when the pigeon got within range, the cat pounced. Both the pigeon and I got quite a “startle”!


  12. Michelle

    There are always (well, almost always) blue skies when you are in Venice.
    Lovely cat pictures…I’m saving those for a coffee table book…the companion to the other one.
    Hmmm, maybe they are meant to deter the cats too??


  13. That’s good your mom finally has had her date set! Yes, I’m here until the 18th of February, so early February would be just fine! I can’t guarantee blue skies, though! 🙂


  14. julie

    Oooh Lovely blue skies yvonne !! I likey a lot ! love the bubble man pics … amazingly big bubbles

    I ‘ve been toying with the idea of a February trip to Venice, are you still there then ? Mum has had a call for her op some time in December, and i’ve looked up that Jet 2 start flights 1st Feb, would not come during carnivale may be before … but still toying/dreaming


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