Just another day in Paradise

Walking along, humming to myself, I looked up and saw something strange. My zoom showed me what it was. Now I’ve got more questions. Why? Who?

I still haven’t seen a rat while in Venice, and these next photos might help explain that. The first gives notice that anticoagulant bait has been spread, the next is a trap for unsuspecting rodents. Is that arrow to help them find their way?

What do you think of this philosophy?

I’d better put in something a bit more pleasant!

And, now the feature of the day. This one is right on a main thoroughfare, so I don’t think it was  really necessary.



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18 responses to “Just another day in Paradise

  1. I’ll try to get back later and see if it’s gone. The only rat I want to see is the big one they launch at an unofficial start of Biennale, down Cannaregio way.


  2. I wonder if the vulture is a Biennale exhibit??? I’ve never seen a rat in Venice, thank goodness!


  3. Bert

    Let’s hope it’s got nothing in common with the Bocca de la Verità in Rome, Rob.


  4. Umm, this in a PG rated site, Rob!! 🙂


  5. Rob C

    That mouth right by the pissotta is unfortunately place, if you’re a tall guy that could be the perfect pace for relief 🙂



  6. We saw that vulture way way high up on a famous house. Good eyes!


  7. Bert

    Call the Animal Welfare people! Your neighbours, Michelle, are cleaning the gutters with their black and white dog!? That’s outrageous! We stopped sending little children up chimneys years ago, and this is another cruel practice that should be banned. Maybe I read that wrong.
    The bocca di leone tells venetophiles that today’s pissotta is on the Zattere. It may be on a main thoroughfare and it is attached to a church, but, when it’s dark and a man may have had a couple of beers …
    Talking of bears, :-), there was a very famous bear who was fond of humming.
    That vulture was stuffed, right?


    • Bert, you’re spot on with the location of the pissotta, and you’re probably right about a man and his beer!

      I hope that vulture was stuffed. What a strange thing to see ‘way up there!


  8. Paradise is right… it looks like you are getting some spectacular days in Venezia! I’ll take Venice either way, crisp blue or foggy… I love them both, and I’ll look forward to some pictures from you of those days as well! Lucky lucky!


  9. jil mohr

    The only rats I ever saw while living there were at the Rialto market really early in the morning….


  10. Michelle

    Hmm…a raptor to scare away the pigeons???
    It they hadn’t relocated the cats to the Lido the rats wouldn’t be a problem but that’s just my perspective.
    And a little retail therapy often makes me feel better but not sure it actually sets me “free” because it isn’t.
    I’ll have to keep my eyes open for you new “obsession” next time I’m there because until you pointed them out I never noticed. …and they seem to be everywhere.
    I’m hoping my neighbors with the black and white dog are putting up Christmas lights but I think they are just cleaning the gutters. Ah, well.
    It does look like a lovely day in paradise.


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