Of water, cats and kids

The weather today:

As I walked through Piazza San Marco,  just after 9,  the rising tide was bubbling up through the drains.

Rising tide

 The seagulls weren’t sure whether they liked the water, or not.

Can someone tell me, please. Was that scaffolding up there on the dome of San Marco before?

New vehicles in the kindergarten parking lot!

This cat was watching a rambunctious dog, from a safe place.

Luckily, the cat was not aware of these tasty morsels.

And, today’s finding: twin pissotte, just off the Rio Tera Lista Spagna.



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21 responses to “Of water, cats and kids

  1. jil mohr

    I think the scaffolding goes up…then goes down….I sort of remember some of it being up when we were there….


  2. Hi, Steven

    How is the big trip going, and how is that little lad’s mouth now?

    It’s still lovely weather, don’t you bring back anything different, please. The SUNSHINE is from your neighbourhood, but you probably recognised that.


  3. Steven

    That scaffolding went up only within the last month–I think about two weeks ago is when I first noticed it (between preparing for travel & traveling itself I’ve lost track of time).

    I had acqua alta on my mind & looked at your blog & there it was, one of today’s events! Alas, it’s so common this time of year I guess it’s not such a striking coincidence.

    I love the SUNSHINE pic!


  4. Michelle

    I would be delighted to write the forward to your coffee table book. I think the book is a grand idea.
    Yes, Bert, keep those conjunctions coming!


  5. Love the face on that kitty! I too am enjoying the pissote of the day….Cheers!


    • Annie, such a contrast to your lovely churches and shrines.

      Phooey, I just tried to post a comment on your lovely post about the Acqua Alta bookshop, but something stopped it, dead in its wee tracks.


  6. Bert, you could start a blog on alternate conjunctions, alternate definitions ….


  7. Bert

    Here’s another:
    I am firm, you are stubborn, he is pig-headed.
    There must be many more.
    [That was a hint, but they don’t belong here.]


  8. I’ll get Michelle to write the foreword to the coffee table book!


  9. Barb

    I don’t recall scaffolding on the dome during our September trip. I really liked Michelle’s description of the pisotte…”an interesting and useful
    architectural amusement.”


  10. Kitty looks very concerned and ready to {sensibly} bolt if necessary ~ she’s gorgeous!! I love these serendipitous street scenes, Yvonne. And those are nice pissotte.


  11. Michelle

    Wow, Lili says “it is the Venetian cat blog”! She was thrilled.
    Was the water high enough for the sirens? I found that interesting the time I was there and heard them. So glad I had read up and realized what I was hearing. Dashed out and did my errands and was back before I needed waders.
    Yvonne could do a lovely calendar on the pissotte…such an interesting and useful architectural amusement.


    • That was one concentrating cat, and very pretty, too. No, it was just the usual little bit of water entering and leaving San Marco.

      I could even do a coffee table book: “Pissotte I have known and grown to love.” At least my obsession with vera da pozzo has subsided for now.


  12. Ah, it looks like it was a beautiful crisp day in Venezia. Love the cat.


  13. Bert

    It’s one of those verb conjugations: I have a hobby, you have an obsession, he has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
    The pissotte are really interesting in their variety. Yvonne has promised to show us one a day, and that should be no problem.
    Yvonne, that’s a great look on the cat’s face that you have captured.


  14. So pretty, but I’m a bit concerned. You seem to be a tad obsessed with the pissotte.


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