It can’t be Thursday already?

It was another sunny, but cool morning when I walked across the Accademia Bridge  to look for a piece of street art that my friend Barbara had found earlier this year. It seems to have vanished, or disintegrated, as it was done on paper and then glued to a wall.

There was evidence that the tide had been quite high during the night, although there had been no acqua alta forecast.

On the Zattere

Waves lapping a fondamenta (a walkway beside a canal)

 I wasn’t sure how much good this old boat would be in the event of high water.

It has become a bit of a fad in various places in Italy, to show your undying love for someone (well, at least for this week), by placing a padlock on some ancient edifice, then throwing the key into some nearby water. This is marginally less damaging than writing about your love for Chiara (this week), in permanent felt tip pen, on a vera da pozzo (well head). The authorities view these tokens with a dim eye, so I expect to see this example of eternal love cut off in the near future. Love is ephemeral …

 This handsome fellow was taking advantage of the sun for a bit of feline grooming and yoga.

 Now, here’s a good use for all those empty coke cans.

 And, we all knew spritz was medicinal, didn’t we?

 And, finally, this pissotta is brought to you by the colour red.







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19 responses to “It can’t be Thursday already?

  1. jil mohr

    would love to see a photo of my old garden if you ever go by there….

    looks like you are having a ball…


    • Jil, I’ll sure give it a try!

      You’re right, I am enjoying my stay so much. I just came back from drinks with a group of Venetians who work to keep the community going. They’ve succeeded in having the street signs written in the Venetian dialect as they need to be replaced, and also have had some of the original masegni (paving stones) replaced. Next project to tackle: the dreaded ugly graffiti.


      • jil mohr

        It is nice to meet Venetians to hang out with…made big difference in my experience so i can only imagine how much it means to you….


  2. The address is Calle del Traghetto, 2799. They have lots and lots of neat stuff. The prison outlet doesn’t seem to exist anymore, near the Carmini. They’re selling other stuff there now.

    How did the Thanksgiving Day bash go??? xx


  3. Barb

    I was able to grab a quick look at your blog yesterday while in the midst of preparing a 25 pound turkey and gallons of gravy. At that particular moment, seeing the delightful Spritz t-shirt made me want to run for the Aperol bottle.

    You can add me to the list of your readers who will be headed for that
    shop in Dorsoduro to make some purchases. Thank you!


  4. Bert

    There’s nothing gross about the pissotte, for the very fact that they work. What they are designed to prevent is gross. I think the locks are nearly as bad as graffiti – but not as bad as they can be removed without leaving a trace. But someone still has to do it. What would these people think if I attached a lock to their front door?


    • Bert, if I read the report in Il Gazettino correctly, there is agreement to return to Venetian spelling as the street signs are replaced. (Nothing to do with locks, pissotte, but my news of the day.)


  5. Hi, Lynda. I’m on a mission with the pisotta, to see if I really can find a new one every day! I can’t stop now.

    But, I may squeeze in the odd flower or doorknob. 🙂


  6. Lynda

    That blue sky looks wonderful – so happy for you. Could you change your daily photo to something less gross….like flowerpots, or doorknobs. Loving your daily blog! Hope you are enjoying as much as we are reading.


  7. Thanks, Darlene. I’ve just started to read again, went right off it for some reason!

    Brr, I just got home from a choral concert, it’s 11:30, and the monkeys are losing their you-know-whats all over the place. It felt like Edmonton out there!


  8. Rob C


    Love that Spritz t-shirt, please email me the shop’s location. I’d love to give that to Nat as a little Venetian surprise!!



  9. Michelle

    Do they have packets of Gingerino for us teetotalers?? Seems like a great idea.
    Lili says it took you long enough to find a cat…or maybe your are finding but just not sharing…after all this isn’t the Venetian cat blog.
    Just imagine; if things go as planned I’ll be there this time next year! Be still my heart!


    • Make sure you have those fleece lined boots, fleece lined undies, fleece lined everything! Tell Lili that her mates have not been much in sight. This guy was so glossy, and had stunning green eyes. Lili would like him!


  10. Andrew

    Please send us a packet of Spritz. I could do with it right now.


  11. I had a daily routine where I would walk across the Accademia Bridge from Campo San Stefano (where my apartment was) and head to Campo Santa Margherita where I was taking Italian lessons. (This is how I met Alessandro, and Fabio too — love him too… their stations are all along my route.) Anyway, I LOVED the padlocks on the Accademia. I have pictures of them… to me it was so romantic. And yes, they are eventually cut off, but what a lovely gesture. Ah… if only I could get Alessandro up there with me! 😉


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