Cute and quirky

As you walk across the Accademia Bridge, or travel that way by vaporetto, you may notice this strange little building in the garden of the  Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti.  Surely it wasn’t there before?

Thanks to Christy, the mystery was solved. It is an installation for the Biennale, and here is an article about it, from a time when it was on show in Japan. [Pity, I wouldn’t mind renting it for a stay in Venice! 🙂 ]

Oh, yes, the pissotta of the day:



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14 responses to “Cute and quirky

  1. Oh, sorry, Julie. I misunderstood. I’ll be going over either today or tomorrow .. last chances. xxxx


  2. julie

    Yvonne .. I ment the steam contraption in San Giorgio church, I didn’t know it was a biennale installation.. till Shiela pointed it out on the Venice Forum



  3. Hi, Andrew. That’s on my list for tomorrow, along with the showings at the Palazzo Zenobia. Today, I had a happy stumble into “Meeting the shadow” at the Palazzo Malipiero. I was even luckier when the artist wandered in, and spoke slowly and simply in Italian about his method of work, and his passion for it. I’d better do a post about this. Ciao.


  4. Andrew

    Is the installation by Anish Kapoor (for the Biennale) still in San Giorgio Maggiore? Go and see it if you can. It’s also on Youtube.


  5. Bert, you’ve surpassed yourself with quirky comments! 🙂


  6. Bert

    You might like to rent it, Yvonne, but have you asked how much? Money might be too tight to mention. They might put the squeeze on you. You might feel the pinch in there.


  7. Tell you what. You know how you’re shedding stuff? Well, you’d really have to give lots and lots to charity.


  8. Michelle

    Hmmm, don’t think I would fit!


  9. Cool!!! How neat that you saw the beginning of this strange little structure.


  10. Barb

    Last May we saw them bringing in materials and laying the ground work for some type of structure.. At the time we stood on the Academia Bridge making all kinds of wild guesses of what it was going to be. Imagine our surprise when we returned and discovered we could actually go inside. While I find it difficult to believe someone could actually live in something like that, it was still very fascinating.


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