Giving thanks

21 November is a special day in Venice, when thousands of people flock to the Chiesa Santa Maria della Salute, to attend special masses of thanksgiving for good health. Others have written far better descriptions of this event than I can. May I recommend you read, for example,  Fausto’s blog:

I didn’t take many photos inside the church, for two reasons. It didn’t seem entirely appropriate, but also, there were so many people, it was difficult to raise my arms above my waist level!

One of many stations inside the church were our candles could be lit and left to shine a light

Outside the church, there were calories by the kilometer.

My next destination was also a place for giving thanks on this same date. It was the Sotoportego de la Corte Nova, in Castello. This humble, rather dark sotoportego is home to Our Lady of the Rosary, and is important to residents of the Corte because prayers to her helped save them from the plague in the 15th century, and also kept them safe from bombing during World War 1. Here, I found no crush of people, no stalls selling candles and edibles, no hawkers of helium filled balloons. Here, there was only silence and solitude, and the flickering light of a handful of votive candles. Here, I gave thanks.

I can’t leave you without my “pissotta a day” contribution.


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8 responses to “Giving thanks

  1. Jeannette, you’d hunt out lots of good stuff, too, with your enquiring mind.


  2. you find such nice things !!!!


  3. It really is a nice time to be here. Mind you, I may change my tune if it starts raining.


  4. Michelle

    Ah, some local events for my trip next year. I love the quiet place you found and will search it out.
    Grazie, cara Yvonne.


  5. What a lovely time to be there. Mind you, any time is a lovely time to be there. Hope you travelled well, bella.


  6. Andrew

    The Salute festival is lovely. You don’t feel it’s for the benefit of the tourists- a real local celebration. We have a lot to give thanks for, especially those of us who have the chance to experience our beloved city.


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