Odds and ends

When I step out of my door, and turn to the right, look what I see in the very first corner! And, it is supposedly under surveillance, to boot. (In case you don’t know what in heck I’m on about, have a look at this post which will explain it for you.)  https://ytaba36.wordpress.com/2011/11/06/

Neighbourhood pissotta

 On the door just opposite mine, which is very plain and utilitarian, these two splendid examples of door knobs.  I liked the fact that they are not identical. Yes, I am envious.

My perambulations took me to Dorsoduro so I could see, and walk across, the votive bridge which has been erected for the Festa della Salute. It was an exceptional experience to walk across the Grand Canal at that site, and to see the Accademia Bridge from an entirely different angle. (The votive bridge bounces gently, responding to the actions of the water.)

Well, wouldn’t you know it! Someone in red always pops up to spoil the view. 

I had seen a poster telling of a Confirmation Mass at San Marco, with special guest choirs  performing. So, my next stop was to attend this very special mass. It really brought a lump to my throat, seeing those young people receive this sacrament in such a wonderful church. There were many proud parents and friends who must have felt the emotion even more strongly.

Lunch time, and I knew I wasn’t far from the Osteria alla Staffa, in Castello. I was in luck, there was space for one more customer, so I enjoyed their delicious lasagne, and a glass of Sangiovese. Fortified in body, I headed home. I liked the looks of this particular reflection in a canal.

And, I spotted another hairy guy …

And was reminded of the importance of good oral hygiene …

My day ended with a most pleasant social occasion. I met the very vivacious Christy for my first spritz  of this visit. Christy and her husband Paul are from the USA, and this is their 5th time to spend Christmas in Venice. They are here for 3 months, and have an apartment in the Corte Gregolina, where there is a most splendid vera da pozzo. (Down, envy!)



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19 responses to “Odds and ends

  1. jil mohr

    Christy and Yvonne….believe me I wish I had a date….but don’t at least not yet:)


  2. as usual looking gorgous in RED !


  3. Darlene

    Not fair! You’re having a ball and I’m cleaning up and replacing stuff have all the flooding.


  4. Jil, I sure will pass on your greetings. it’s about time you moved back here.


  5. jil mohr

    I know exactly where you are staying…nice area…and please say hi to Christy and Paul the next time you see them…am jealous….


  6. I would love to have a chance to take a photo of the lady in red! Hugs and smiles across the miles!


  7. julie

    Hey Yvonne !! glad to see you got the red coat again .. maybe we can spot you on the webcams ! nice pics .. i bet the mass at Salute was wonderful, waiting for pics of that xx


    • Hi, Julie! It was difficult to get good photos, and I was a little reluctant to be looking through my viewer during the mass. It’s still foggy, what I’d call “Julie weather.” xx


  8. A wonderful beginning (actually, a continuation)! I’m looking forward to more insights as you “settle in”!


  9. Rob C

    Were the Elder Gentlemen there too?there seem to be about 4 or 5 men in their 70s/80s who parade around such events, they all seem to wear luxurious fur capes and all have very styled hair in varying shades of Grecian 2000!

    They are usually surrounded by a gaggle of those old ladies with wonderful furs who seem to wear their life savings in jewellery.

    When we went to midnight mass at St Marks in 2009 they were literally parading around the Piazza before the doors opened and the scrum started!

    Anyway, good to see you’ve settled in, 3 months to celebrate Christmas in Venice, not that I’m jealous 🙂

    Rob & Nat (ViW)


  10. Michelle

    Reflections is indeed there now.
    Ah, almost like walking beside you. I’m there in spirit anyway.
    Keep it up. Looks like that jacket would keep you warm. Since I’ll be traveling this same time next year I’m keeping a fashion watch on your pics.
    Ciao, Bella….enjoy!


  11. Hi. I’m just back from the experience of mass at the Salute. Thousands of us, clutching our candles! I just realised one photo hadn’t appeared on the post (reflection), so I hope it’s there now. Cheers.


  12. Barb

    Great photos….especially of the pretty lady in red who looks
    mighty happy to be back in her Venice!


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